Zion Williamson’s Top 10 Preseason Buckets | B/R Countdown

It may only be NBA preseason, but Zion Williamson has already been box office.

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  1. His body is not built for the nba yet, he's going to have to play double the amount of games he did in college. He needs to let his body adapt to it. I just hope he understand it takes time. Even kobe took a few years to strengthen his legs before he started popping off.

  2. he's going to be one of those #1 picks that could have been great but became a flop because of injury (Markelle Fultz, Greg Oden)

  3. I don't see any beauty of the way he play… knee problem is sooner or later…

  4. I like this kid hope he recovers gets himself in shape n as a former high flyer myself zion has to realize not all plays needs to be 100% all out explosion keep it simple with easy buckets n give the fans a Lil show now n again on the break. Exploding for a two hand dunk when u under the rim alone is not necessary man

  5. Zion post game meals* 💪🤣🤣🤣 overhype definition for years to come

  6. 1-Like said Mike Tyson about Lennox Lewis , too strong , too massive .
    2-Players will be extremely embarassed with this man like they were in their time with O'Neal .
    3-One feels this journalist knows to recognize tthis type of specimen , thanks for this coverage .
    4-but fake shoes with fake leather may make him feels betrayed , and show how they can't maintain anymore this type of phenomnenon .

  7. Haha he has a preseason buckets highlight vid, but he already hurt…

  8. RIP Hart in the first video, major F moment

  9. top 10 preseason highlights == top 10 career highlights.

    Zion done!

  10. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Zach Lowe is a dumbass

  11. yea, you can watch this bullcrap till he comes back? is that it!

  12. What's up with the graphic…. it's to dark

  13. he is already hurt. smh. let's see how his career pans out

  14. Right Knee injury out for weeks he needs to lose some weight and not get injured then we can hype him up.

  15. And he's out for several weeks

  16. Already the best power forward in the league.

  17. You know this dude has a big ass dick imagine seeing that shit in the locker room I'd probably faint seeing that shit

  18. Zion is the NBA Khalil Mack

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