WWE Superstars React To Top 10 WWE Smackdown Moments Of All Time

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WWE Superstars rank the Top 10 WWE Smackdown Moments Of All Time. Watch to see their reactions.

Make sure to tune into SmackDown on FOX starting Friday, October 4th, 2019.

10 Greatest Smackdown Moments

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Reactors Featured:

AJ Styles


Billie Kay


Kevin Owens

Peyton Royce

Rey Mysterio


Seth Rollins


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WWE Superstars React To Top 10 WWE Smackdown
Moments Of All Time

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  2. AJ: sees his own clip
    I’m not sure where that will rank
    Ranks himself number 3
    Also AJ: sees DX Express explode
    Well, it was cool and all but…

  3. When the guy tells Rollins this is from WWE website and own rank you see the "Oh company line towing time" look in his eyes

  4. Where is edge spearing jeff hardy?!?!?!?

  5. Is that Amia Miley? Or Carmella

  6. Ffffffffffff … Three.

  7. people actually watch WWE still?

  8. I missed the undertaker

  9. I am here just for rey mysterio

  10. https://share.influencercash.co/register.php?referral=asim11723

  11. Where is John cena killing Batista

  12. no donald trump video? wheres your sense of patriotism?

  13. 6:54😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. 0:25 gotta love Kevin honestly

  15. The greatest Smackdown moment was the mini Undertaker.

  16. Wait what…??? She is my wife…..they are married????

  17. I swear i've never related more with Rollins than in this video. The ranking was meh.

  18. Everyone after seeing John Cena: That hairdo😂

  19. Rey Misterio Jr. all day long man

  20. Are there any fans at all that would put any of the new moments above the old moments? C'mon now.

  21. Wait! When did Seth and Becky married?

  22. Ali is still a fan despite being a pro wrestler himself

  23. Do one of 10 moments of Raw

  24. No edge no Batista ? No undertaker?

  25. Seth loved watching hunter get battered

  26. Lych is Seth wife 😲

  27. Smackdown must suck if there are some mediocre 2019 moments, that suck.

  28. I can watch peyton royce all day 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. WARNING this video contains Iiconics speaking loudly! Cover your ears! Hide your glass items! Protect your pets!

  30. Seth might wanna be careful when talking about zelina Vegas, hes gonna get black massed.

  31. The supermarket brawl between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T should have been number 1!! I still watch it on YouTube at least a few times a year.

  32. Not one moment with the undertaker?

  33. They look wierd with shirts on

  34. Edge's Spear on Jeff hardy isn't on here?

  35. I love AJ and Ali so much! Love all of the stars there but those two are just so amazing!

  36. lol not i love u becky but i love u wife.😂

  37. my most memorable moment and probably on my top 3 was when kurt angle shaved big show's head

  38. Jeff Hardy Heavyweight championship celebdation should be here

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