World of Tanks – TOP 10: HEAVY TANKS

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the Top 10 best heavy tanks in World of Tanks!
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  1. Hope you all enjoy this one! Proud to bring back World of Tanks Top 10 to the channel! If you want to catch up on the previous videos I made a playlist for you

  2. Good frontal armor on the 50tp? Surely you mean the turret bc the hull armor is terrible.

  3. Top 10 Rock Climb (HP/WGT + Ground Resist)
    Top 10 Rammer
    Top 10 Blind Shooter

  4. I'm surprised I've only seen one 277 game on the channel, as much as an says it's great in ranked, we've only seen it one time.

  5. How can I make ammunition faster DEFENDER ??

  6. AMX M4 51 be like
    Hon hon mother@*!ers

  7. Panzer VII and 113 deserve to be here

  8. Why can't I sell my tanks? I've been trynig nlw for weeks. It only says "You can't sell your tank, please make sure it isn't in any tactical unit"

  9. Surprised not to see the AMX 40 on this list

  10. 279e is still Numba one

  11. there is no best heavy tank or rather any tank there are best premiums fuck wot

  12. Top 1 pick is very accurate. I get flustered when facing that tank when it hides it's sides.

  13. I'm not surprised not seeing S.Conqueror and IS-7 but am surprised to not see 277 as it's the Russian version of WZ 111 5A and my only tier X.. I had 52-53% winrate btw lol

  14. the french being at the top surprised the hell out of me.

  15. wow didnt expect the O-Ni to rank so highly! For me the O-I Exp and O-Ho were easier for me than the O-Ni.

  16. Where is the Top 10 Lights, Mediums, TDs and last but not least Arti.

  17. Daaaamn so close to that 600k mark. Keep up the good work!
    Surprise for me was the first place, it really is hidden, if not a gem at all costs.

  18. how about
    "Top tanks for every tier" ?
    "Top tanks for every class" ?

  19. so my heavy is7 is bad 🙁 fellsbadman

  20. T-57 not even making the list? U got to be joking.

  21. Just wanted to include a quick comparison here:
    -Better HE pen
    -Faster reload
    -Less armor
    -More Mobility
    -Higher alpha damage on HE

    -Less HE pen
    -Lower alpha on HE
    -More AP pen
    -More armor
    -Less mobility
    -slower reload

  22. QUICKY pls make more free to play videos

  23. Note on the VK.100.01 P part: don't choose the 105mm armament. unless you've been getting nothing but top tier matches, the extra DPM will not be worth the sacrifice of pen

  24. The maus was 188 tons. 😜and were the heavyset tank ever build

  25. i love the fact you had to get rid of the bullshit clan tanks coz we all know the top 10 tanks would be them you cant stop them even in clan wars having 15 of the chieftains rolling at you even if every thing goes your way you will still lose they need to ban prem and clan tanks from clan wars no unfair advantages

  26. Perhaps a top 10 list of great positions on maps, mistakes learning players don’t realize they’re making, or most buffed/nerfed tanks.

  27. hey QB, 60_plus here, could you do a video on the best "sniper tanks" in the game, I really like the long shots. Thanks for all the great content, I really enjoy your commentary and find it helpful. would like to platoon with you sometime

  28. Not sure I approve of your way of marking the top ten heavies. More german and russian tanks should have been in there. Mark the top ten best heavy tanks by the basic tank ratings of armor, mobility and firepower.

  29. Well done QB, learn something new almost every video.

  30. An impressive tank for how long ? doesnt matter what tank people grind for , hey can be nerfed at any time by WG , With every patch this game gets worse not better , this is the only game i have experienced that with .

  31. I always use AP on Japanese HTs except on T5-6

  32. Great stuff quickibaby, gear stuff !

  33. the amount of times my VK has won the base captures in frontlines out of sheer durability is more than i can count

  34. I bounced 4 shots from the Jag100 on my AMXm4 51 he was so annoyed he had to use HE shells on his 5th shot but that’s only because I angled up while using gun depression

  35. Thanks god WG decided not to nerf it. As for non clan player it my answer to op tanks like chieftain and 907. During ranked battles i discovered that in clinch i can rape 279 as well. 279 only can shoot hatches on the turret, where 240u can pen nearly every shot into upper plate with gold

  36. How is the 277 not on this list?

  37. OK comon QB, using avg winrate to determine which tanks are best is a flawed approach. As you pointed out with the T29 the average winrate is strongly influenced by how many and what kind of people play the tank. The fact that the AMX M4 51 made the #1 spot while the Super Conqueror didn't even make the list says it all. You have lots of experience in all these tanks and we respect your opinion so plz give us YOUR Top 10 not the Wot-Life stats top 10

  38. do a top 10 of most OP tanks in WOT premuim tech tree reward tanks

  39. Where was the super conc

  40. Is 3 i think is one if the best heavy tank's and even in tier 10 can still put up a fight i feel its well balanced

  41. I bet tiger II is NOT on this list

  42. How about a "Bottom 10" list? List the 10 tanks, by category, with the worst win ratios.

  43. The Maus clip was 100% on point.

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