Windows – Repair Install Without CD Disc (Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional, Basic)

Here is guide on how to repair install your Windows without the need of a physical disc. You will need your product key, though.

It’s 100% legal and free!

Find your .iso-file here: (Scroll down)
ei.cfg remover: (Free)
Daemon Tools: (Free)
WinRAR: (Free)


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  1. I bought a new hard drive.. but I do not have a recovery disk or USB.. how can I get my computer working?

  2. thank you Sir, i believe it will help me too, coz i cant find my windows 7 disc and my problem is (BOOTMGR is missing)

  3. you picked wrong key fool!

  4. what if you dont have the product key

  5. Don't do it! U are installing windows on another windows so its like layer on layer!
    U should install by usb from boot menu

  6. after repair i faced many problem -_- false product Key and A lot of my programs do not work and my fucking windows 🙂 deleted FR language pack

  7. anyone know what to do when it says BOOTMGR is missing? can I get windows 7 back without a CD?

  8. what is windows key for?

  9. i have my wuindows in german but i want want to change it to esnglish is it any risk of a virus?#

  10. I originally had windows 7 home premium but ''naughtily'' (nothing to do with water) upgraded to windows 7 ultimate. If I re-install/repair windows using the original product key should I use the product's original windows (7 home premium), or the windows it was running before the re-install/repair (7 ultimate)?

  11. Can anyone kindly explain the purpose of the EICfg_remover.exe? Thanks a lot!      Augy,      San Diego

  12. problem with language..what can i do??

  13. Never mind, I read the top of the page and found the answer.
    X86 was the file I needed for 32 bit OS.

  14. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and don't see any files that work. Is there anywhere else to find something that would work for me?

  15. The iso files are not downloadable for me.

  16. why i can't download iso file?

  17. why there is no options for windows 7 ultimate in the first website

  18. I don't understand the first website thing…

  19. I cant download from the first website… please help me

  20. I just did this and it did not work. It went through the installation process as normal but towards the end it says there was an error and a red box popped up. My retarded ass didnt bother to write the numbers down to look up, I just clicked ok and then it began to reinstall previous version of windows and I am back where I started. Everything else worked and went as planned.

  21. No activation key required afterward? And if so, is it the same from my current install?

  22. OK so, what if i dont have my disc now, so how should i know my product key??

  23. The Link in Daemon Tools is not free…….. q,q

  24. is it a deal? if i make a banner prehaps gimme some credit?

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