Watchmen Episode 6 HBO – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

Watchmen Episode 6 HBO, TOP 10, Easter Eggs. Watchmen Intro Scene Minutemen, Superman Scene and The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene ►
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Covering new Watchmen Episode 6 HBO. Comics and Watchmen Movie Easter Eggs. Superman Origin Easter Eggs, Original Minutemen Watchmen Scene, Hooded Justice Origin Story, Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias, Silk Spectre Scenes, The Comedian, Watchmen Flashbacks, Rorsarch and Watchmen Episode 7.
Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 coming next and new Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 4 and Mandalorian Baby Yoda videos this week!
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  1. Here's my Watchmen Episode 6 video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! New Mandalorian videos coming soon and Rick and Morty. Here's my Mandalorian Episode 3 video!

  2. I haven't seen the Watchmen(tvseries)HBO yet, but I'm planning. I just want to know, since this one is a sequel, which one is it canon or atleast somehow connected/following? the movie2009 or the comics?

  3. Y they gotta make everything gay🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. 👌🏻 Looks familiar. Topical.

  5. Thanks Charlie didn't know about the trailer footage with Laurie and the cyclops symbol behind her maybe it has something to do with the reason that the flashback to the minutemen purposely doesn't show Silk Spectre 1?

  6. Isn't it captain metropolis? Why tf do you keep saying captain midnight?

  7. The blurry shots of the whole team was great

  8. How can you skip Episode 5???

  9. The light above the door to the projector room was red, I'm guessing another schindler's list reference?

  10. Im confussed man…. THE hoddie dude died in the movie or is this in the future? Or Are wee back in time? Man im so lost here and I cant watch watchmen My region dont have the show yet

  11. This episode was incredible!

  12. This is the best superhero tv episode i ve ever watched
    I m speechless…

  13. The clan's plan is the same plan as ozimandius's plan anybody else notice the city's are the same and they both used a mind effect weapon?

  14. On a technical level, this was SUCH A GREAT EPISODE! Beautiful kinetic cinematography that flows, with such great storytelling. Not to mention such great production design. Allen Moore should be proud of this adaption, now that it’s all coming together.

    Can’t believe the caliber of this series. I was like WTF at first. Then, the story came together.

  15. I loved this episode. Jaw Dropping good.

  16. I’m super surprised of the hooded Justice reveal. I love this show

  17. This episode was phenomenal

  18. Do a episode 5 breakdown

  19. I can’t understand why reeves wife wanted to back to Tulsa but…..good episode i liked how he got his revenge and foiled the movie plot at the warehouse

  20. Favorite reveal moment for me was when Hooded Justice used the mini mesmerizer light to compel the Chief to hang himself.

  21. He's not called captain midnight, hoover wasn't a captain. Not got even the basic facts right.

  22. Bro the whole movie theater scene

  23. Relationship with Captain Midnight? Is this some Gay shit? Please explain…anyone.

  24. What's up with the 113 precinct?

  25. What was your issue with episode 5? Why no video?

  26. Awesome video ! Best show on tv at the minute with the mandalorian hot on its heels

  27. What the fuck happened to looking glass? fuck!! have to wait another week

  28. the director, editor deserves awards and a raise- what an episode, a cinematic masterpiece

  29. He fucked that blonde dude in the ass lol

  30. So Will wasn't gay? It was Rolf Muller? I'm confused. Nothing was ever confirmed as Pete said don't always believe what you heard on TV

  31. Did anyone else notice that the eye on Osmandius' (sp?) collar piece at the end of this video isn't the Egyptian one referenced in an earlier WTF video, but it's actually more like the cyclops eye?

  32. This and Westworld are the best shows on right now.

  33. Where is Crisis on infinite earths trailer video?

  34. Thanks man. You da best.

  35. Go back and do an episode 5 wtf moments charlie !

  36. Are captain midnight and captain metropolis different people?

  37. my favorite moment was when they showed us that jussie smollett is the Hooded Justice

  38. Hey you did not do any for episode 5?

  39. Ozy's costume also has the eye – could he, and maybe Dr. Manhattan, be a legacy of the Cyclops? Since Dr. Manhattan experiences past-present-future simultaneously, his actions might have been motivated by its ideology.

  40. Watchmen and Infinity Gauntlet are the two greatest comic book stories of all time, because they both subvert the genre.
    Infinity Gauntlet presents a conflict where the Villain has so much power – that the SuperHeroes powers cannot defeat him.
    Watchmen presents the whole concept of the SuperHero as being twisted and flawed. So far this HBO series is more true to Alan Moore than Zack Snyder’s film ever was.
    So..I’m surprised that there isn’t more ‘hate’ from the usual suspects. The kinds of fans – who never really understand the original material in the 1st place. [like Zack Snyder].

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