Watchmen Episode 1 HBO 2019 Series. TOP 10, Comics and Watchmen Movie Easter Eggs, Doctor Manhattan Scene Explained and Ozymandias Theory ►
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Covering Watchmen Episode 1 HBO Series. Doctor Manhattan Returns, Watchmen Comics Easter Eggs. Watchmen Movie Easter Eggs. Ozymandias Theory. Doctor Manhattan Scene, Watchmen Ending Scene Explained.

Watchmen HBO 2019 Series will be 9 Episodes long. Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 is coming soon, Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 and The Witcher Netflix Episodes!

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  1. Emergency Awesome Reply

    Here's my Watchmen Episode 1 video and Easter Eggs for the Comics and the movie. Post all your theories in the comments. New Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer coming tomorrow too!

  2. Olivia Scalio Reply

    Did anyone else think the fur the watch was wrapped in was a reference to Bubastis, Ozymandias' lynx?

  3. I’m guessing the pocket watch Adrian gets on his anniversary is Don Johnson’s watch after he is hung. So those scenes with Adrian must be flash forwards.

  4. Sophisticated Nebula Reply

    I have a question, do I need to read the comics to follow the show properly?

  5. fullmetal25 Reply

    1921 was the black Wall Street massacre. Not body knows how many people died they are still investigating

  6. Isaac Golden Reply

    Loved the first episode hoping for your take on episode two so many questions I have about Louis Gossett Junior’s character

  7. MadelineLulu Reply

    this show is awful. Another great comic book destroyed by idiots in suits.

  8. Death is A Businessman Reply

    So did the Bomb go off when Dr Manhattan showed up or did that not happen because of the squids?

  9. squattingheads Reply

    9:50 he is absollutely evil
    No one knows what the future holds. Killing people for the sake of saving others is not right. The only chance for him would have been to freely be judged for his action and take the punishment.
    He did not so yeah he is evil

  10. reginald grays Reply

    It’s like they gave the old man in the chair a super man origin.

  11. xristaras1925 Reply

    I wish DoomsDay Clock came on TV someday !!!! It would be awsome !!!!

  12. firstname lastname Reply

    Whooooa. I just read an article that said Chief Crawford was Dan Dreiberg aka Nite-Owl, living Incognito!!! 😬😬

  13. Horrible Series!!!! Rorschach was the most liked character and they do a disservice to it. 🙁

  14. Mile High Justice Reply

    Why didn't they call it Wokeman? This show is crap. Great soundtrack though.

  15. Growing up in Tulsa and living here as a parent this absolutely was one of the worst things to happen to a prominent community. My grandfather would take me down to Greenwood and archer, tell me the story, usually with a tear in his eye.. Some of us knew at an early age, but the full story wasn't really conveyed to entire generations.. A horrible chapter in the history of this state, let alone the country.

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