Vader’s Top 10 Star Wars Vehicles

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Lord Vader lists his Top 10 Star Wars Vehicles! Comment bellow, what are your favorites? Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! And tune in every Saturday for new videos!

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  1. Be sure to tune in every Saturday for new videos! Youtube is playing dirty with smaller channels again not letting my videos show up in peoples notifications. Help spread the word about Vader Reviews by sharing these videos with your friends, family and coworkers. And let me know what YOUR favorite Star Wars vehicles are!

  2. What I like about your videos is they are funny, well written and keep Vader alive. The voice is also very good. Views and followers should be in the thousands. Tens of thousands. Thank you. But you’re dead wrong about the X-Wing, Lord Vader. They are forever #1

  3. Favourites include the Hailfire Tank, the Munificent-class (separatist) frigate, the STAP, the AT-TE, TIE bombers, AAC-1 speeder tanks, Oevvaor catamaras (wookiee cats), the Solar Sailer, the droid multi-troop transport, and last but certainly not least, the DLC-13 mining droid.

  4. In before number one is the gungan bongo.

  5. Ever since playing "Rogue Squadron," My favorite fighter was the A-wing. Then again, I've always had a weakness for interceptor class, including the real world P-38.

    My favorite bigger ship is the Venator class Star Destroyer, which if I may be honest, my lord, I regard as a bit better looking, and a I prefer carriers to battleships. The CIS control ship is also a good design.

    For Terrain, Both the AT-AT and Clone war era walkers are tied for my favorites.

    The Atmospheric ships that get me right in the beater are Republic Gunships. Seriously, their front guns can either be machine blasters or laser weapons that foreshadow the death star, they have rocket launchers that take our enemy walkers and rollers, and they just look awesome.

    Finally, though it isn't as impressive as the others, I'd include the Jawa Roller. There's just something neat about the idea of cruising the desert on what is essentially a rolling castle…provided you don't have a pair of droids that the Imperial storm Troopers are looking for.

  6. Personally I love both the Tie Phantom and the Tie Interceptor, granted the later in most games was know for high speed and armor made from paper!

  7. I'm captivated with Captain Picard and Kirk as much as I find Darth Vader and or Luke Skywalker compelling. Although my honesty my be considered gratuitous, it seems prudent to me that cinema would thrive if both franchises had credible writers!

  8. My Lord remember me Erica yeah I just got a YouTube channel about making intros so I just made my channel say intro Wars was I love Star Wars so Imogen was only about intros but I will beginning a gaming channel and this is not the channel when I said I was going to make it Darth Vader versus Yoda fan film in my other YouTube channel I will all I know is I'm going to somehow make you win cuz you're my favorite character in the entire Star Wars saga

    By the way my favorite vehicle in the entire Star Wars universe is the Clones
    L.A.A.T clone gun ship

    My second favorite ship in the Star Wars Universe has Boba Fett / Jango Fett's Slave 1

    My third favorite is the Millennium Falcon I mean that thing so badass you got to admit like it gets so much gunshots and doesn't explode but it's honestly just so cool and was introduced in the first Star Wars movie so you know sticking with the classics

    Your entire freaking big Super Star Destroyer a number 4 that it's it's so good it it looks badass and they can hold that much stuff it's like the size of Five Star destroyers witch I love

    Now and number five it's those resistance busted up are Speeders remember from the worst movie in the world well not the worst but those air speedrs on Crait

  9. you should have included the sand – wing

  10. Ok. My top 10 SW vehicles:
    10: the TIE/LN starfighter.
    9: the X-wing
    8: the V-wing
    7: the A-wing
    6: the B-wing
    5: the Firespray-class gunboat
    4: Star Destroyers
    3: ATSTs
    2: The Moldy Crow
    1: the LAAT gunship.

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  12. Personally, I liked the look and wing shape of the Tie Interceptors from Episode 6…

  13. Lando's ship called the Lady Luck. Because it proves that beauty can be deadly. If I was a bounty hunter, that's the kind of ship I would use. Or at least the Sith Infiltrater.

  14. Another interesting take on Star Wars, my Lord. Personally my favorite vehicles would have to be the Slave 1, Schimitar, and the fighter jets Anakin and Obi Wan used in the beginning of Episode 3.

  15. Personal favorite: K-wing bomber. Love multi-turret designs.

  16. my Favorite is the Tie Advanced X1 and the Executor (Super Star Destroyer)

  17. The X-Wing is a beautiful design just not quite up to the same standard as the Ti-fighter, but it gets the job done. That Star Destroyer opening in episode 4 was pretty iconic, along with your introduction, Lord Vader. The AT-AT was my favorite vehicle of all time . It was just so menacing and cool looking marching along he tundra of Hoth. Again, it was pretty iconic.

  18. Awesome! Another top 10 to look forward to! There's a lot of really cool starships out there in a galaxy far far away in the Star Wars universe! 🙂

  19. Another great video my Lord, I'm glad the AT-ST made first and also my favorite it's gonna be tie defender.

  20. It's good to see another top 10 lord Vader and I'm happy to see SlaveOne in your top 10 and as well as the lambda shuttle, and I especially like the rogue squadron N64 quote with the X wing

  21. My lord, a great list. My personl favoirite would be the snow speeder.

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