This vid explains how to uninstall Avast Free Antivirus 2017 manually. Plz use this uninstall tool PRO@ if you are having trouble doing so. If you can’t remove the Mac version of Avast Free Antivirus yourself, try the below app remover pro@ Learn more?

* Uninstall TechPowerUp GPU-Z
* Uninstall Eraser 6.2
* Uninstall SeaMonkey 2.40

p.s.: Avast Free Antivirus is an app from


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  1. what if the program doesnt appear on the program list, but clearly keeps sending notifications?

  2. Mario Nikolic-luzynski Reply

    IT WORKED!!! IM FREE AFTER 3 YEARS! FINALLY NO TRASH ON MY PC i can finally use roblox exploits without the anti virus trash thingy saying it has a virus
    thank u so much ur the best!

  3. I cant even access the apps and features or any of my settings. I can't download jack from the internet. Avast took over my laptop.

  4. Brandon Lee Reply

    Yeah get this shit off your laptop/Desktop it will destroy your PC!

  5. Brian Vergara Reply

    When youre searching a tutorial to uninstall avast and you get an avast ad…

  6. Isaiah Riley Reply

    Thankyou so much it tried to make me buy it again but now that it's gone I'm free

  7. i finaly got rid of it i got it from a virus and it says its an anti virus

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