Transfigure Your Adenium into a Bonsai with Radial Roots ll 2nd Step Root Training

The present video Transfigure Your Adenium into a Bonsai with Radial Roots ll 2nd Step Root Training is the update of an old project It is a tutorial video showing how an adenium plant is transfigured into a bonsai with radial roots and massive caudex. The tap root of an adenium flower plant is first cut off to grow radial roots. Then the plant is left hanging in shade for some days (depends on the plant`s health and weather) for a little drying. While repotting after some days` drying, the lower portion of the desert rose is covered with a solid plate to protect the vertical roots to grow. The adenium plant grows healthy radial roots in 3-4 months and takes the shape of a desert rose bonsai. Now the plant shows what a beautiful bonsai adenium the plant is going to be. A bonsai desert rose with massive caudex and radial roots looks splendid. An adenium tree naturally looks like an adenium bonsai tree for its root structure and thick caudex. So a little training to an adenium desert rose can turn the plant a perfect desert rose plant bonsai with a difference. The present tutorial video shows the root training to an adenium obesum in my garden. Hence this tutorial is also about making an adenium desert rose bonsai. You see the desert rose plant has grown so many radial roots. I`ve cut off most of them to give space to the remaining roots to grow healthy. This is an important part of desert rose plant care. I`ve also dried up the plant for 7 days in shade. It has two benefits. One is the roots have become softened. I can now set them in position I want. The other is it helps the caudex grow fat. This drying treatment is a common tip of adenium plant care as well as how to make bonsai of adenium plant. Another important training about growing adenium is branch treatment of adenium flower plant. A common tip about adenium desert rose plant is the more branches the plant has the more flowers it blooms. Making more branches is not included in the present project of dot basecamp.
dot basecamp is a tutorial channel on Pot Gardening . In this channel I am committed to share my experience as well as knowledge that I`ve gathered on Pot Gardening specially on growing of Adeniums .I`ve been stick to Pot Gardening for over 20 years. Once I started Pot Gardening with some season plants. That was the starting point of my journey. In other words that was my Base Camp. But now I`m far away from that Base Camp. And now my Base Camp looks like a dot. Still I`m a learner, almost mad for learning. In this channel I, along with my valued learners, want to learn how Pot Gardening, from making pots to blooming, is made so beautiful, almost incredibly beautiful.
Videos on my adeniums, house plants, cactus, orchid and many experiments on adeniums, bonsai, pot making are generally uploaded in this channel. I have a little orchard in my terrace. I make videos on it though adenium is always my hot tea.
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The general upload schedule of dot basecamp is around 7-15 PM every Saturday.
I`m thankful to YouTube Audio Library for the music used in this video.
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  1. Great plant, thanks for sharing a video .

  2. Thanks master… This Repotting and before potting… How many days space master ?

  3. Wow 👍👍👍1st comment. Surgeon of adenium ☺☺Thank you very much ☺ Can I use this method any other plant ( ficus ).

  4. Здравствуйте! Всегда смотрю Ваши видео. Отличный результат!!!! Очень хорошее растение. Спасибо.

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