TOP TEN GOLDEN BUZZER KID SINGERS! Auditions From America’s Got Talent & Britains Got Talent

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10 GOLDEN BUZZER Singers from America’s Got Talent and Britains Got Talent! WHO would you put as your NUMBER 1?
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10. Courtney Hadwin America’s Got Talent
9. Darcy Lynne America’s Got Talent
8. Jasmine Elcock Britain’s Got Talent
7. Flau’Jae America’s Got Talent
6. Grace VanderWaal America’s Got Talent
5. Angelica Hale America’s Got Talent
4. Kyle Tomlinson Britain’s Got Talent
3. Beau Dermont Britains Got Talent
2. Sarah Ikumu Britain’s Got Talent
1. Amanada Mena America’s Got Talent

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  1. Meu Deus não tem como não chorar de tantas emoções é muito gratificante podemos ver crianças e adolescentes grandes talentos

  2. 同伴者と一緒にいるお姉さんのリアクション毎回毎回が好きすぎる‪w

  3. 才能が生まれて認められる瞬間は本当に素敵だ😢

  4. 日本にもこういうのがあってほしい

  5. 正直何言ってるか分からないし、何歌ってるか分からなけど、自然と涙がでてました。


  6. Anyone else think this countdown is out of order? Don't they usually count down from good, to better, to best? I feel like Darci and Grace should have been top 2. I mean, I don't want to take anything away from any of them. They're all gloriously talented, and completely deserving of their merits, but give credit where it's due.


  8. Sarah Ikumu i love most….but i need to say Jasmine (nr.8) is pure talent….

  9. こんなに歌えたら何があっても人生楽しそう(^^)

  10. これって、どのくらいすごいの?

  11. 3つめの黒人の子の曲名わかる人いる?

  12. WA own WAwbwvwhwbw iwbwuwbwubaiwhu WA uwbwhwbwhwbwhwbwhw

  13. 10&3 my favorite 😍😍

  14. I wish i can go there cuz i know a great song -_-

  15. What was that 9th number
    Who sang the song

  16. A chaque fois qu elle viens la chanter j adore elle est d un top de top fantastique

  17. Wow kom nu bare hjem til mig 👍❤️👏🤪😘

  18. The first ones 100% deluded.

  19. drake is now not a g.o.a.t

  20. Un concentré des meilleurs jeunes talents. Absolument fantastique!!!!

  21. #1 for me is FLAUJAE

  22. Sarah ikumu is my least favorite

  23. #3 was the most unusual singer.

  24. Oh God!The Number 9 is so amaaaaaaaaazing!
    "No no no no way….."

  25. Cool 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩Leana

  26. Im sorry but I’m not the biggest fan of grace and never will be

  27. Español pa cuando wawawa

  28. Can someone tell me why tf Celine Tam isn't here?

  29. Where’s bars and melody

  30. Don't upload again and again please…

  31. These kids have a bright career🇬🇭💎

  32. please tell me the song title of NO.8 girl singing

  33. فظاااااع ججدا يعني🙉👏🤙

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