Top 10 YouTube Stars: Where Are They Now?

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These people were YouTube starts before YouTube stars was a thing. For this list, we’ll be looking at the top ten early YouTube stars and seeing what they’ve been up to in recent years. Let’s see what they’ve been up to. Welcome to TopX, the show where we count down the good, the bad and the ugly of YouTube.
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Top 10 Viral Stars: Where Are They Now?:
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10. Freddie Wong
9. Liam Kyle Sullivan
8. Judson Laipply
7. iJustine
6. Michael Buckley
5. Eepybird
4. Tay Zonday
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  1. Can't get enough of our Internet Stars: Where Are They Now Series!? Check out this video: Another Top 10 Viral Stars, Where Are They Now?!

  2. What The Buck and Niga Higa!

  3. Wow! I forgot about these people I don't care about.

  4. I've never heard for most of these youtubers that are on this list. I only know Smosh,IJustine and Ryan Higa.

  5. I need to see Fred and MGM here

  6. I find lack of papa franku disturbing 🙁

  7. Watchmojo you may wanna use your far reaching audience to talk about this topic. The FTC not the FCC, which somehow was made in charge of regulating the US internet. Back in early September the FTC handed down a 170 million fine to Youtube/Google violating Coppa. Basically for allowing ads to collect private data to target to kids. While this is a drop in the bucket and about a days worth of revenue for the site. The site has announced extremely broad sweeping change on the entire website, beginning in a matter of days.The language of c.o.p.p.a is far too broad and inclusive. It practically covers nearly all internet content. Now that youtube is so gargantuan, the Federal Trade Commission wishes to restrain and therefore censor online information. The
    acts of the FTC to punish individuals and thus limit content completely infringes on a citizen's freedom of expression. This seemingly innocuous
    gov't regulation in turn violates our civil liberties and the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The FTC plans on fining 42k per video and Youtube is allowed to delete your channel. If you think you are safe you're Not. If youtube wants to comply w/government policing, it could simply use blanket ads that don't collect personal data. Standard broadcasters have used this in television over the past 6 decades. Kid's cartoons were awash with toy ads during the 60's, 70's and 80's and today. Coppa as it was written at the dawn of the internet back in 1998, has grown obsolete. It needs to be challenged and amended. We, as U.S. citizens do not need a separate govt body. An Orwellian Ministry of Truth, to monitor, police and penalize all online content. That would in and of itself defeat the worldwide webs' purpose. We need to send a clear message to Joe Simons, head of the FTC and our gov't in Washington, we will not be censored and controlled. And if that doesn't
    work, we can create a new website. Maybe call it SwoopTime'-)

  8. What’s the purpose of this video several of these people still making videos so what’s the purpose

  9. Maybe I’m in the minority buuuut, I’ve only heard of 2 of these YouTubers (The chocolate rain guy & Ryan Higa). And I’ve been on YouTube since youtube was a thing.

  10. Your information about smosh is incorrect. The company y'all say owns Smosh has recently gone under and gave the rights back to Ian.

  11. I think we are missing Coryxkensin

  12. Why don't you make a video about Global Warming and Climate Change… It's really important now.

  13. Pewdiepie has matured.

    Ray William Johnson is gone.

    Smosh has became one big corporate cash grab.

    Tobuscus is a shadow of his former self.

    What has Youtube become… 😥

  14. We need Tobuscus back.

  15. Ryan higa is my favorite YouTuber

  16. Geez I must’ve not watched any YouTube back in the day, I don’t know any of these people. I know the chocolate rain guy from Tosh . O

  17. Back before youtube was shit.

  18. And Anthony Padilla left Smosh and credit him with his own youtube channel via FBE

  19. I like how most of these were in the music video for Pork & Beans by Weezer

  20. Really no Barratts and Beretta?,

  21. Smosh went from Anthony and Ian to one of them leaving it and one of them living in the shadows

  22. Where oh where is KevJumba tho??

  23. Natalie Tran (CommunityChannel) lost her phone on silent and hasn’t had the will to go on. Gosh, she started my obsession with YouTube

  24. No mention of RWJs Your Favorite Martian? What gives?

  25. I just liked to say that I love Ryan Higa & Smosh so much. I am beyond glad that I stumbled upon those guys years ago.

  26. Bruh i miss the old smosh

  27. I want to see Phoebe! 🙂

  28. Why didn’t you talk about what happened to Ian & Anthony instead of what Smosh has become?!~!

  29. FPS Russia could of been mentioned too

  30. Do "Top 10 gay pornstars where are they now?" 😏

  31. Why isn’t Filthy Frank here ? ,You dare disrespect papa franku for all he did for us !?

  32. You guys forgot Angry Video Game Nerd, He's been there like forever , still relevant and I still watch his vids.

  33. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not one soul:

    Mrs Mojo: Where are they now?

  34. Okay. Riddle me this, Watch Mojo. What happened to Grade A Under A?

  35. You missed booty Christ

  36. Smosh without Anthony and Ian is not Smosh.

  37. yeah… but do you know where seananners is?

  38. What about William Sledd

  39. never heard of most of these people
    but, South Park did this concept it better

  40. What about MissHannahMinx?

  41. Why's Ryan Higa here like he's irrelevant?

  42. If Zyzz is not on the list you suck

  43. Tbh forgot or never saw any of this people

  44. No mention of how Anthony left smosh? Shame.

  45. Sad part is this can never happen because of all the bullshit youtube does now to stifle creativity

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