Top 10 WTF Fast Food Restaurant Incidents

These restaurants came with a side of “what the hell just happened?” For this list, we’ll be looking at bizarre, shocking, and at times hilarious incidents that have happened in fast food restaurants around the world. We’re only looking at events that occurred on the premises of the restaurants, so fast food endorsed weddings, for example, won’t be included. Sorry, Burger King couple! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be looking at ten strange things that have happened at fast food restaurants.

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Top 10 Outrageous Fast Food Items:
Top 10 American Fast Food Chains:
Top 10 Fast Food Hamburgers:

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10. Patron Impersonates a Police Officer
9. Burger King Fans Wait HOURS for Free Food
8. Bathing in the Kitchen Sink
7. A Criminal Record Over Free French Fries
6. Horse-Thru
5. An Employee Spots Her Stolen Car in the Drive-Thru
4. Married in Taco Bell

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  1. #1: Popeyes Chicken sandwich incident

  2. 3:00 – Callin it… 100% Donald Trump in disguise

  3. Ya most of these could possibly be in Texas or Florida

    Edit: Let's not forget about the popeyes incident in Southeast Houston when a guy pulled out a gun because they ran out of chicken sandwiches.

  4. Whu Whu Whu eeewwwhhhaaaaaaaaa!?!? She is effing beautiful! No longer should you narrate from nowhere you guys need to get her in a box in the corner or something sweeeeeet baby Jesus

  5. I used to sled through my local drive through. Nothing strange about that.
    Also, yet another reason we should be able to get Chick-fil-A in this country! I have heard nothing but good things about this organisation and the moral courage of its owners.

  6. 3:03 Boy, what a HUGE difference compared to that WTF mugshot.

  7. He threw an actual Alligator through the f#cking window? Least he didn't throw a creeper…

  8. Throwing tea containers at taco bell in San Antonio 😲

  9. A special thank you to the woman who had the fake thumb in her Wendy's chilli. Everyone got a free Frosty after it was proven to be a scam.

  10. Number 1 reason why Patrick Break in burgering cuz Mrs krabs banned him for not paying the patty

  11. I hope Virginia Maiden is the woman’s name.

  12. Some couple in Last Vegas had their wedding in a Taco Bell, a couple got married in a Whataburger in Texas

  13. the alligator wanted some fries 🐊🍟

  14. I honestly thought that I had clicked on a capdesdes wtf news video 😂😂 imagine my surprise I was like ooooo okay

  15. This is why we can never have a real life Jurassic park/Jurassic world!

  16. College kids think its funny to bath and foot lettuce
    Till they get food poisoning

  17. how stupid one has to be to actually think it would be funny to toss an alligator through a window?

  18. Yeeaaaah I’m gonna take my horse to the Taco Bell, I’m gonna riiiiide till I can’t no more

  19. Pheobe you’re gorgeous! You should do more on camera work!

  20. So a dude washed in the sink. That ain't anything like the disgusting mess you will occasionally find in my kitchen sink. I've got to play the race card here and wonder if it was a factor.

  21. Wow!
    These are crazy things!
    Giving birth and robbing in a fast food place?!

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