Top 10 WTF Consoles with Limited Edition Unboxing | The Completionist

There’s a lot of special edition consoles out there. Give it a re-color, slap a character’s face on it, bam you’re done. Pokemon have a million of these Game Boy and 3DS versions. But what we are looking at today are the Limited Edition Consoles that made us go WTF! Why? HOW? WHYY? Some of them are really cool, and some of them are really…dedicated. Stay until the end for a crazy PSP unboxing!

Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 WTF Consoles. Any weird consoles that make your list?

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  1. What WTF console do you need in your life?

  2. That's funny. J-Pop for the win. The J stands for Jailbait.

  3. "Who is this for" – while holding that god damn thing in his hands XD

  4. Ah the old classic Renalt!

  5. Why can't you relax on the couch and have a good time on pc?

  6. I'm buying that psp, idgaf

  7. Only 30 more days until your fat ass is done on YouTube, when COPPA kicks in!

  8. I always thought that the AKB48 X Smash Bros trailer was a Mii Fighter announcement trailer in Japan. My life has been a lie…

  9. Once I saw a literal N64 that was shaped like and functioned similar to a toaster at my local pawn shop

  10. Ya it something I would expect coming from Japan but no being real .

  11. why you hating on my spongebob gameboy sp

  12. 😒what a wwe super star give out gift

  13. I thought I was special for having a Minecraft Grass Block Xbox One, until I saw those Godzilla Xboxes.

  14. he should've put the sticker on the lens

  15. I think Jirad is so kawaii for that PSP.

  16. Honestly? That PSP would be one I'd love to have, if I cared enough to actually own a PSP. Lol

  17. This guy gonna be caught rubbing the psp battery covers on his balls

  18. my sister's friend had the spongebob gameboy and gave it to her, and I'm iver here struggling to make any friends lmao

  19. I love everything about this video but SpongeBob SP is fricken 🔥

    Vibe check that shizzzz

  20. That Spongebob Gameboy SP one is brilliant.

    Also that was one way of saying Renault.

  21. The car xbox looks exactly like the car

  22. you mad lad you actually bought the PSP

  23. The only limited edition systems that I own are Darth Vader PS4, Pokeball 2DS Xl, Pokemon Red/Blue New Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon X/Y Nintendo 3DS XL and a Zacian/Zamazenta Edition Switch Lite.

  24. For the tomb raider console, was that music from the game? if so, what track was it? it was so good

  25. Ah yes, my enemy, jumpbob

  26. I think my friend Zack had a Spongebob GBA SP.

    I was jealous. I just had a boring cobalt blue.

  27. Who is this for?!

    *proceeds to buy it*

  28. what about the gaystation 4?

  29. I miss my tribal tattoo gam sp…

  30. 7:18
    T.-Shirt K.O. theme from Jack box

  31. I'm so fucking jelly dude! Who is this for? This is for me!!!!

  32. I can’t believe you bought that console

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