Top 10 Worst towns in Connecticut. Maybe I won’t get angry radion DJ’s calls this time.

Top 10 Worst towns in Connecticut. Maybe I won’t get angry radion DJ’s calls this time.

What is going on everyone… today’s list is about the worst towns in Connecticut. The thing is, they aren’t that bad. Their cities suck but the towns aren’t that bad. But after some digging, we found 10 that suck compared to the rest of the state. Please enjoy.

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  1. Sharon is absolutely beautiful

  2. The best towns are these:

    Old Saybrook
    Glastonbury (my town)
    And Avon

  3. slides in I'm from Ansonia, and you're completely right.

  4. In regard to Bridgeport, CT, I feel gets a bad rap. About 15 or 20 years ago a famous Hollywood actor, a nice guy to boot & local philanthropist (I won't name him) who lived approx 20 miles south on I95 in affluent Westport, CT publicly commented that "Bridgeport was the armpit of New England" & I think the Mayor sued him for this comment. Bridgeport has greatly improved in the last 20 years or so. Sure there are "Bad" neighborhoods but also Good "Ethnic" neighboods as well. In approx 1969 a local Classic Rock group song hit, was written & composed right here in Bridgeport, nicknamed the "Park City". The song was "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye" by the local rock group "Steam". Now that same music (not lyrics) is used as background for a General Motors GMC pick-up truck TV commercials.
    Bridgeport, CT has a "Daily Scheduled Regular Ferry Boat Service" here, crossing across Long Island Sound to Port Jefferson, New York approx 6 times a day, which in reality on a hot humid summer day, this Ferry Boat Trip is more like a "Cruise" or a "Mini 1 Day Vacation" back & forth. You can even stay on board all day long, once you have paid the Round Trip ticket. Kids love it too & there is ample parking there at the dock. Walking or having a bike, the Ferry fee is very cheap. But you can also bring your cars, motorcycles, which the fees are a bit more expensive. Once you get across the Sound, to Port Jefferson, you can explore the Noth Shore of Long Islands quaint harbors, seafood restaurants & cool sand dunes. These Ferry Boats (Food & a Bar is on board) cruises, which take about 1 1/2 hours each way to cross L.I. Sound, but this adds up to a sort of 1 day Mini Vacation. Kids love it too. I, lived in the general area most of my life & this Ferry Boat Sevice gem is sort of a perk. P.S. Bridgeport, CT even has a decent Zoo too (The Beardsley Park Zoo & a P.T. Barnum Museum too). 2 Great Hospitals & Bridgeport University. There is also a large Hungarian/Polish neighborhood in a section of Bridgeport called BlackRock.

  5. "Peppies Pizza" is real good-in, New Haven. Also, "Abates Pizza" is just as good too. Also too, the "Hamburger" was supposedly invented here.

  6. 01:22 – 01:40, that’s Providence RI, the Rhode Island state house

  7. Hamden is a pretty nice town, Dwayne the rock Johnson went to elementary school and middle school here

  8. I grew up in CT and I approve this message. Great video, Mr. Briggs!

  9. North Canaan and Winsted are in beautiful areas. Litchfield County in general is great.

  10. Im from CT. I work in Putnam…. Yes it sucks lol. You really should look at Bridgeport and Waterbury though.

  11. I have to defend my town Groton. That site you used probably did not include in it Noank, Mystic or Groton Long Point. also our weather does not suck at all on the shore. our winter are mild and in summer it's nice generally don't even need AC.

  12. Welp in the fall here in CT we have the most prettiest foliage 🍂🍁

  13. I grew up in suffield since I was 2 years old. In March, I just moved to Windsor, but more so closer to Windsor locks. I’ve always considered Windsor locks as a home.

  14. Funny surprised New Haven missed the list …!

  15. There are ten towns in Connecticut? Who knew?

  16. 1:28 that greenish building is my aunts house🤣🥴 I have to show this to herrrrr

  17. I love living in Sharon CT….. We pay a lot of money to live here to be left alone..

  18. I used to live in Connecticut with my family, and I remember the town of Bethel, especially since we lived in Danbury. Groton, Putnam, Sharon and Willimantic also ring a bell.

  19. Was surprised to see Hazardville on here,Thompsonville is much worse imo

  20. I love people and I'm Color blind💜💛💚💙🧡❤️🖤💕Come to Jersey !💃💃💃💃

  21. I drive through Hazardville regularly to go to Costco. Its honestly just your run-of-the-mill town in the middle of the woods.


  23. I'm visiting from s.c in East Haddam, bbbooorrrriiinnnnggg af

  24. What happened to Bridgeport 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. Yeah, not accurate at all ! You definitely don't live in Connecticut . All those towns that suck but have low crime have mostly senior citizens in them and those pictures of these towns contradict what you are saying. Doing towns and just 10 limits your ability to be accurate . Places would let you include sanctuary cities which are definitely the armpits of the state ! With the Democrats running the show in Connecticut they are trying to follow suit with California, and we know how messed up that state has become !

  26. If there was a top 5 worst cities video all us CT residents would know exactly which cities would be there and which order lol

  27. That picture of the red building in Bethel was formerly a bike shop called Bethel Cycle. Now, it’s been converted into a local gastrobrewery called Broken Symmetry. My uncle owns it, it’s pretty cool!

  28. Listen, Groton is not a bad place to live. WE ARE THE SUBMARINE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD! So let me fill you in on what you missed about how cool it is to live in Groton! Groton is the home of General Dynamics Electric Boat, which is the major contractor for submarine work for the United States Navy. The United States Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College, a U.S. Navy submarine base, and the Electric Boat submarine shipyard are located on the Thames River at New London and Groton. The USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was launched into the river on January 21, 1954 from Electric Boat, becoming the world's first nuclear-powered submarine! The Naval Submarine Base New London is also located in Groton, and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is also a major employer. Avery Point in Groton is home to a regional campus of the University of Connecticut. Not only that but two historic forts overlook the mouth of the Thames River at New London harbor, now Connecticut State Parks: Fort Griswold on the eastern Groton Heights, and Fort Trumbull on the New London side. So there are a few details you decided to leave out about Groton.

  29. This guy don't know his asshole from his elbow. All of Connecticut sucks the only good thing about Connecticut is leaving it which I haven't managed to do yet lol.

  30. I'm from Seymour, Ct, right next to Ansonia. Grew up here my whole life. Nailed it with saying it sucks. Crime rate used to be through the roof. They knocked the projects down years ago and it did well. Board of Ed is a scam, they just made some changes and hoping for better. Nice video.

  31. I have lived in CT 48 years and this survey stunk bc it listed only TOWNS in CT and not ONE city where crime just florishes….

  32. Hartford?? Bridgeport?? Waterbury??? New london?? These are the worst how did you miss these

  33. Yo I’m living Meriden CT and there’s this part of the city that’s in such bad shape I call it the hood

  34. This everywhere ,not just Connecticut…keep it moving .

  35. When you recognize the very first shot as the Wilton Train Station, you know you’ve lived in Connecticut for too long. I live in Waterbury now, but as for the list:

    Bethel – I spent kindergarten and first grade there because I lived there as a little kid

    Terryville – Don’t you mean Plymouth? Terryville is just a community in Plymouth

    the Canaans – Well, if you live there, it is a short drive from Bear Mountain in Salisbury, so you aren’t exactly far from hiking

    Ansonia – If you’re gonna call this boring, you obviously been to Beacon Falls. That town is so remote, I’m shocked trains will even stop there.

  36. I live in Enfield and the Thompsonville section of town is much worse than Hazardville.

  37. Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport are the worst and most dangerous… the rest is soft as baby shit!

  38. Hey buddy let's get one thing straight here, there is no Starbucks in Putnam lol

  39. The politicians, the Spanish mixtures and the Mullen -yoms, have destroyed Connecticut for most part.

  40. Watching from Springfield…mmm

  41. I thought Connecticut was a bunch of white guys named Biff or Chad that went to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton – they spend their weekends with sweaters tied around their necks playing tennis, have a wife named Francine and a dog named Muffy.

  42. Not for Dominicans; it’s their weapon of choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  43. I have moved out of ct! I live in st louis

  44. NY is not any better, I swear.

  45. Uh Waterbury, Bridgeport, Southington, Norwich. Just to name a few that should be on this list.

  46. Follows CA as a liberal shi💩hole type of state

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