Top 10 Worst Things That Have Happened to Cricket on It’s Always Sunny

The worst things that have happened to Cricket on Its Always Sunny will make anybody feel lucky by comparison. We’ll be looking at the most embarrassing, tragic and downright absurd things that have befallen Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara throughout the course of the series. Now this man has got some seriously rotten luck. WatchMojo ranks the worst things that have happened to Cricket. What do you think is the worst thing that’s happened to Cricket? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Cricket story would be sad if it wasn't so damn funny

  2. The best episode of its always sunny is the dinner party from the office

  3. Unless you have crack, if you got crack let's boogie!

  4. Oh i always get so upset seeing an episode that involved cricket because they really ruined his life

  5. Sweet dee is the worst thing to happen to cricket without her coming back into his life he would still be a priest.

  6. O my didnt think the voice of watch mojo was so freaking HOT

  7. Surprised him reuniting with Dee wasn't number one TBH

  8. Favorite episode is Franks pretty woman season 7 episode 1

  9. The only thing is, Cricket KEEPS hanging out with the gang, KEEPS being cool with them & KEEPS doing favors for them. If he didn't do that he would've been much better off. 🙄

  10. This channel is the worst thing that ever happened to YouTube

  11. I think #8 should be #1…… since that's where it all started.

  12. Lmao worst luck or stupid?? Everything bad that has happened to cricket is caused directly by the gang hahah

  13. Credit where credit's due: I did NOT expect Phoebe to choose "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs" as her personal favorite episode. That's DARK. Total Respect: Achieved.

  14. Oooo that is that is tarte 🍋🍋🍋

  15. He's like a really sad Rasputin

  16. a well deserved video. cricket needs to be brought justice 😔✊🏼

  17. Surprised they didn't mention, "Ya gotta fake it. Those that don't fake it get it the worst." Maybe that was too dark, even for a 'worst things' list…

  18. 6:27 happiest Cricket ever

  19. It's kinda funny how this starts with Cricket partially f***ed up before it backtracks to his earliest year. It's like this episode of WatchMojo should be called Citizen Cricket

  20. I kid you not, I was watching it’s sunny in Philadelphia a couple of hours ago and I was thinking about you guys making this exact list. How weird

  21. I wish they would just kill him off at this point

  22. I’ve been homeless before but hey at least I still have both my kidneys

  23. It makes me hate this show even more

  24. it's the implication…. the golden god knows all!

  25. I forgot how cute cricket used to be

  26. It's always sunny is what's wrong with the world.

  27. Cricket is probably my favourite recurring character not part of the main cast. Can't wait to see his return in the new season 14. It's amazing how David Hornsby writes and directs most episodes of the show too!

  28. Can you do breakdown of Barry from Archer Vs Cricket from always Sunny. A sort of Who Has It Worse?

  29. Hey! Crickets brother is the red headed bully from A Christmas Story (Farkus)

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