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Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done
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Deadpool a.k.a The Merc with a mouth is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Comics Universe. Firmly classed in the realm of anti hero this character can be far less than heroic in fact at times he can act just like a villain. Here is a list of the Worst things Deadpool has ever done. Find out if you know all about them here on Top 10 Nerd.
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  1. Top 10 Nerd Reply

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  2. Karsyn zzstu Beauchamp Reply

    Shaggy and Scooby: nobody can beat us in an eating contest

    Deadpool: hold my chimichangas…

  3. Response& Ability Reply

    Wase Wilson marvel, slade Wilson DC.. so who ripped off who?

  4. The Accursed J.E. Reply

    Love the shirt! Also Amanda, if you actually read this, what tattoos do you have?

  5. He was actually called "weapon 11" but I will give you a pass as I to wish I could forget this movie existed.

  6. Jackel NoSlpGmr Reply

    You're a nerds dream that's for sure but Deadpool can still be taken out well subdued fr

  7. starfirescream Ere Reply

    Great job, and please keep ignoring the horrible suggestions in the comments. They sad and weak.

  8. Broken Bridge Reply

    Top 10 Nerd—Why do you ignore the people in the comments section. You really should act upon those suggestions. And believe me I not just talking about me.

  9. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Mutants with a Secondary Mutation.

  10. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Superhero's from DC's Earth-32.

  11. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of all time.

  12. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please, make one video on Top 10 Characters with Animal Abilities.

  13. Broken Bridge Reply

    Ahhh Amanda Mcknight it will always be a delight to see you host a video on this channel. And your video's will always be awesome n epic. And Deadpool is my favorite Anti-Hero. Glad you enjoyed his favorite food when you went to Arizona.

  14. Larry Legendary Reply

    They basically turned him into a lame overpowered Baraka rip off in X-Men origins wolverine 🤣😂🤣

  15. Logan Byrne Reply

    I love Amanda, but want to know the tat she has on her left arm.

  16. Kingdom Come Superman Reply

    How about this list but with Superman and his evil alternate versions

  17. sean ibarra Reply

    I am the only one who doesn't care about Phil Coulson? He seems kinda bland and uninteresting.

  18. trex advent Reply

    How would it be if Magus was the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy if he was split up from Adam Warlock? How would it be Baron Mordo unleashed Nightmare on Doctor Strange in his sequel movie? Could the main villain of the Black Panther sequel be either Nightshade or Namor? How do you think that Mjolnir is going to come back in Thor 4: Love and Thunder for Jane Foster to wield, Is Eitri going to make another one? How would it be if Beta Ray Bill wielded Thunderstrike in the MCU since Thor has Stormbreaker? How would it be if Spider-Man stayed as Night Monkey in the third movie till he takes care of Jameson and Mysterio's cohorts in order to clear his name? Is Morgan Stark going to become Iron Girl in the MCU? How would it be if she was an Ally and tech support for the young Avengers? How do you think black widow is going to stop Taskmaster who can copy your moves even with the help of Hawkeye and Yelena Belova? Who do you think should be Nova in the MCU between Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, How would it be if Zorr was the main villain of the Nova movie? How would it be if Quicksilver came back to the MCU since the X-Men Franchise is over so there can be one Quicksilver now? How would it be if Dracula appeared in the MCU alongside Blade? Is Blade going to be a team player with the other MCU heroes? How would it be if we saw one of the Eternals appear in the present time in the MCU and are their powers genetic which can be passed from Parent to child? How would it be if we saw Tony Stark from another dimension come to the main Marvel Universe wearing the God Killer Armor in the MCU? How do you think Shang-Chi is going to be portrayed in the MCU? How will be fight against the Mandarin with just his martial arts skills since he has the power of the Ten Cosmic Rings which makes him as powerful as Thanos, Are both of them going to be Makluans disguised as humans? How would it be if Shang-Chi had magical Nunchucks in the MCU?

  19. trex advent Reply

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash Villain Blood work?
    Can you do top 10 facts about the Netflix shows Troll Hunters tales of Arcadia and 3 below tales of Arcadia?
    Can you do top 10 facts about the Elementals, Cyclone, Hydro Man, Molten Man and Sand Man?
    How would it be if Vulcan, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Hercules, Firebird, Exodus, Ex-Nhilo, Captain Universe, Wonder Man, Molecule Man, Sentry, Mr Immortal, Captain Canuck, Starfox, Nighthawk, Tigra, White tiger, Silk, Spider Woman and Hyperion appeared in the MCU?
    Can you do top 10 facts about Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover?
    Can you do top 10 facts about the Legion of Doom possibly appearing in the DCEU?

    Can you do top 10 possible members of the Masters of evil and the Sinister Six in the MCU?

  20. trex advent Reply

    Can you do top 10 facts about Mallus and Neron from DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  21. trex advent Reply

    Can you do top 10 facts about Pariah, Harbinger, Ryan Choi, Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

  22. trex advent Reply

    How would it be if we saw Deadpool do these stuff in the MCU or in his third movie or TV shows?

  23. Could you do a list cities and heroes who protect them.
    Really like the T-shirt's message .

  24. Darkstar Darin Reply

    Deadpool doesn't actually doesn't like chimichangas, just the word. Also it was Weapon XI, now to inflict head trauma to myself so I can re-forget X-Men Origins.

    Top 10 X-Men Facts
    Top 10 X-Men Stories
    Top 10 Blade Facts

  25. john massey Reply

    He is actually weapon 11 Logan was weapon x. I'd like to see why the mcu robbed speed weasle and his sister of their mutant leniage

  26. Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze Reply

    The only thing worse than this is punching a puppy or kicking a kitty

  27. You are not a real Deadpool fan! Deadpool just likes saying, "chimichanga" but really liked tacos and enchiladas.

  28. I really love these vids. Amanda you make watching this so much fun.

  29. Michael Brent Reply

    I prefer Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Bug Bunny,Captain Planet, Danny Phantom and Ben 10 Instead of Deadpool I just don’t trust him!

  30. Ganga Zumba Reply

    Since the mcu television series are coming to a end, an DC has big events planned, do a top 10 TV shows based on Comics

  31. Top 10 Cosmic entities and forces. Like Phoenix Force, Parallax, and Speed Force

  32. Nikolas Mace Reply

    Can you do a top 10 alternate versions of Ultraman The Japanese superhero👽👾

  33. Deadpool is just a device for Illustrators, writers etc. to let off some steam through acts of violence.
    If he is anyone's fav hero they need to seek professional help.

  34. I'm pretty sure there are more things to come of all the horrible things Deadpool has done and will do just to keep things interesting. He's an anti-hero it comes with the territory… Amanda keep being amazing 👍🏾👌🏾🇨🇦

  35. I think the first Fool Killer was Mr. T 😂 Looking forward to a costume if you release a video on Halloween. 😊💕

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