Top 10 Worst Theme Park Rides (ft Yesterworld)

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Even a carnival would be ashamed to house these attractions. For this list, we’re looking at some of the worst rides you could waste your time on while visiting the great parks that hold them. Keep in mind we’re only counting rides and not shows. So, attractions like Universal’s Fear Factor LIVE and Magic Kingdom’s Stitch’s Great Escape barely avoided making it on here. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Theme Park Rides.
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10. Living with the Land
9. Tomorrowland Speedway [AKA Autopia]
Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom
8. Superstar Limo
Disney’s California Adventure
7. The Dark Knight Coaster
Various Six Flags Parks
6. Discovery River Boats
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
5. Astro Orbiter
4. Fast & Furious: Supercharged
Universal Studios Orlando
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  1. A big thank you to Yesterworld Entertainment for helping with the entries for this video and imparting their expert theme park knowledge! Be sure to check out their channel!

  2. The Mind Eraser, aka any Vekoma SLCs

  3. Fast & Furious: Supecharged deserves to be on this list. The one in Hollywood was part of the Studio Tour, instead of being its own ride

  4. SLC! SLC! SLC! How did they forget all of the SLCs. Also the dark night ride are better than most wild mouses due to the theming, even if light. I’ll stop making dumb comments now

  5. Disney: We have the best amusement park in the world.
    WatchMojo: We're about to end this mouse career!

  6. Worst roller coaster ever, in my experience, wasn’t at a park. It was at Stratosphere Las Vegas. It was a “bucket list” coaster for some enthusiasts due to its height above the ground — but that was its only notable feature. The limitations imposed by the fact that it was bolted to the outside of a building caused it to be slow and unexceptional.

  7. Hey they actually got an expert to make a clickbait park video

  8. I've been on the Fast and Furious ride! I was pretty disappointed on how short it was, wasn't really that thrilling.

  9. Mummy: The Ride at Universal Hollywood. I rode the Florida version the year before and that version was so much better. The Hollywood version had half the effects not working and no Brendan Frasier.

  10. I actually enjoyed The dark knight coaster and fast and furious supercharged,but I do agree with the rest.

  11. We all know what the true #1 worst ride is. Vekoma SLC’s!!!

  12. Last part mhm fine that's a roller coaster

  13. WatchMojo teaming up with Yesterworld?!? My life is complete!

  14. It's not a roller coaster next…. THIS is still not a roller coaster next…. THIS IS STILL NOT A ROLLER COASTER next… OMG THIS IS STILL NOT A ROLLERVOASTER NEXT!1¡!!1!!
    That was the end be sure to give a thumbs up me:wow that sucked…

  15. Green Lantern: It's bad enough that I gotta crappie movie, now I got a terrible roller coaster, haven't I suffered enough?!

  16. Where’s Mean Streak at?

  17. Not a great list. Cant believe yesterworld was involved at all

  18. To be fair, Superstar Limo was planned to be MUCH better, but shortly before it opened Lady Di's fatal accident happened while fleeing in a Limo from the press (the exact same premise of the attraction), so Disney's headshack felt very uncomfortable having a racing/fleeing/speeding Limo in their park.

  19. I saw "worst rides (…)yesterworld"
    Clicked on it, WM starts up.
    Slight confusion.

  20. Can you do top 10 extinct theme park rides we wish are still around please. It better have Kingdom of the Dinosaurs 🦖🦕(Knott's Berry Farm), Back to the Future🕰🏛 (Universal Studios Hollywood & Orlando), The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 🏤😱(Disney's California Adventure), and Dueling Dragons🐲🐉 (Universal Studios Island of Adventure).

  21. The Dark Knight wasn’t that bad imo. But it’s probably because my friends and I mess around and take stupid photos. Also, the Green Lantern is a lot like the Joker in Six Flags Great America.

  22. So can we get a complete list of rides that are still open 🤣🤣🤣


  24. Space mountain shold be on this list

  25. Hey Rebecca! Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE your speaking voice! My answer to your question is the Ninja at Six Flags over GA. That ride REALLY hurts riders heads and necks as the coaster thrashes them around.

  26. I Lowkey love the green lantern ride. The violent falls made it fun

  27. I went to Universal Orlando last year and that Fast and Furious ride seriously was one of the worst rides I've ever been on. It was really cheesy and nothing really that interesting happened.

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