These Saturday Night Live cast members DEFINITELY weren’t ready for prime time. We’ll be ranking the weakest, most awkward, under-used or just unfunny members of the Saturday Night Live cast. We realize that comedy is subjective, and some of these funny folks may have done well for themselves after their SNL tenure, but – for one reason or another – they just flopped on this sketch comedy show. WatchMojo ranks the worst SNL cast members. Who do you think was the worst SNL cast member? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. I would think that Chevy Chase would be #1. Apparently he's a huge douche and nobody can stand working with him. He was even banned from returning to the show by Lorne Michaels.

  2. Matt Parkinson Reply

    Pete Davidson and Jimmy Fallon belong on this list in the number 2 and 3 spots respectively. I can literally count on one hand how many times that I have laughed at anything either of them did on SNL.

  3. From North Jersey Reply

    If you listen to Jay Mohr and Jim Bruer talk about being on the show they complain about how every thing they wrote got shot down by Tina Fey because the skits they wrote were never "female centric" which is all lorne cared about after about 2000. I wonder If Victoria Jackson being right wing has anything to do with her being on this list. She was fired for objecting to anti chriatian sketches and refused to boycott the show with nora dunn when she refused to perform with Andrew Dice Clay.

  4. MrGMovieReviews Reply

    10. Jim Belushi(You even say he's not awful, but mediocre-WHY PUT HIM ON THEN FOR THE ABSOLUTE WORST), you're just putting him on here because he's not his Brother.
    9. Tony Rosato- no one even knows him so I'll give you this one
    8. Gilbert Gottfried- sure fine, but that whole season is trash
    7. Rob Riggle- You should have put Jeff Richards instead, Riggle had and still does have talent
    6. Jay Mohr- He was notoriously sidelined but he was definitely talented and is an undeniably great impressionist and went on to have a great career.
    5. Colin Quinn-Not the best Update anchor, but he was funny and a unique person for the cast.
    4. Randy Quaid- he was fine, and is very talented, he was nominated for an Oscar before he got SNL.
    3. Jim Breur- Another great impressionist, and had some good characters, he's way too high on this list.
    2. Victoria Jackson-The only woman on the list, and yeah she wasn't good at all, I'll give you this one. But there are a lot of terrible female cast members that were on alongside bad male members.
    1. Robert Downey Jr.-Not even the worst 1 year stint in SNL history, and you're putting him on here because he's a huge star now. He's obviously a funny guy, and showed promise, but not every sketch is the performers fault. I'm surprised you didn't count Ben Stiller and he didn't even last a year.

    Just an awful list all around.

  5. Deborah Shaw Reply

    Really, Quinn? Belishi? Jackson was brilliant! Quaid? He’s insane now but he was great on SNL. Downey is brilliant no matter what he does. You really need to re-evaluate your choices. At no point did you mention Rob Schneider. Every single person on your list was better. Good lord.

  6. Jim Bruer, Victoria Jackson, and possibly Colin Quin <sic> don't really belong on this list. Quin I might give you but while I don't think he stood out he was still a utility player. I am not a fan of Bruer but the guy was a breakout and if I remember correctly left of his own volition because of that fame (albeit fizzled pretty quickly) but he was got a lot of air time. I think you have to put Victoria Jackson in context. She was the "worst" cast member in a period that was SNL's Silver Age (resurgence after the first cast) and lasted 6 years. She had a ton of air time and survived a revolving door of featured players who couldn't break in to the cast. I'll give you most of her skits haven't aged well but its 35 year old comedy. Also, she was never edgy and to be honest, only edgy comedy really ages well with the general public. She was a fine cast member.

  7. mrtalkative91 Reply

    Rob Riggle is never funny, and he’s the biggest asshole in real life

  8. Rcker31BDrinkN Reply

    Am I the only one who always thought The Weekend Update segment is the WORST part of SNL no matter what season.

  9. collin jnr mavimbela Reply

    If rdj bombed so hard then how did he play the role of Charlie Chaplin so well

  10. Yafir the orc Reply

    Replace Victoria Jackson and Jim Breuer with Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Mooney and then the list is without fault (except the fact you never explain why Tony Rosato was a bad cast member)

  11. Wait… RDJ was an SNL cast member?? Then, Thank God for the Marvel franchise.

  12. Michelle MacDonald Reply

    Belushi and Brewer do not belong on this list. Seth Myers, Anthony Michael Hall, Jimmy Fallon do..

  13. 习近平和毛泽东都是怪物 Reply

    I really had no idea so many people hate Jimmy Fallon and what he's done to televised comedy as much as I do. I feel vindicated. Its too bad that guy didn't drink himself to death instead of just breaking his hand.

  14. KingOfOdonata Reply

    Missing way too many more current or newer members. Surprising for sure. Leslie Jones is one of the worst members I've ever seen. Typically plays the same character, delivery is one note, and she breaks character all the time.

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