Top 10 Worst Quickplay Spells in YuGiOh

Quick play spell cards are some of the strongest types of spells, because they can act like a trap cards during your opponent’s turn, but you can also use them immediately during your turn. But in this video will be going over the worst of the bunch.
–The List–
10-Column switch
9- soul reversal
8- trading places
7- greed grado
6- Star changer
5- space cyclone
4- mind wipe
3- ring of defense
2- cold feet
1- self mummification
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  1. Number 2 is the worst wtf!

  2. Top 10 Strangest Type/Attribute combinations that currently exist in the game.

  3. isnt self mummification decent with Yubel?

  4. So, have you ever considered doing videos explaining archetypes?

  5. Soul Reversal MAY have had some utility with Shaddolls.

  6. Can you make a top 10 biggest archetypes list

  7. Man, Space Cyclone's text is almost as confusing as pot of greed

  8. Self-Mummification would work in a Zombie deck, no? Not to say there aren't better cards, just that it might be another option.

  9. there is a combo with Trading places not a good one but there is one. With heroic gift a trap card that makes your opponent lifepoints become 8000 and let you draw 2 cards.

  10. Column switch also help magical muskets

  11. Another idea for your video next maybe, top 10 most easily miss timed cards

  12. Can mystical refpanel work with cards like gift card, and the life points be redirected to you instead of our opponent?

  13. Wait. Is World Legacy Guardragon a monster, but not a Monster Card?

  14. Every time I see a filler card, it makes me mad to think that it could be a Legacy of the Duelist reprint (Ancient Gear Fusion / Cocoon of Ultra Evolution AHEM).

  15. What about Jar Robber?

  16. How about top ten pendulum effects?

  17. What about top 10 non targeting monster removal monsters/spells/traps? Or just monster removal cards?

  18. 0:07:28 – Turnabout + Star Changer is just Book of Eclipse, too, just with no benefit for the opponent. 😀

  19. Star changer on Fortune Ladies?

  20. Top ten most annoying decks, either stuns/locks or otks.

  21. You can use soul reversal on toddler or heiress so when they get back to the graveyard you can activate their effects again

  22. Columm switch wasn't a niche play for mekknight? not only to move a monster and freeing up space so you can summon another one but the deck has one card ( I don't remember the name) that negates oponent effects in the same columm

  23. I'd argue that mirage tube and mystical wind typhoon are both worse then star changer and a card I thought for sure pigeonholing books of spell would make a spot because outside of dimond dude what can you do with PBS (I don't want to look up the spelling again)

  24. Trading Places is too low. It's literally a joke card.

  25. A niche use of Star Changer is boost an opponents monsters levels when they are about to xyz summon so that the monsters are now uneven levels, Its not amazing, but its something haha

  26. Trading places allows one to automatically double a monster’s ATK with megamorph, and if that doubled ATK is equal to your LP before the swap, it can OTK.
    Furthermore, if you are winning by even a slight margin and your opponent attacks into a Megamorphed monster, it acts as a battle trap to double your ATK and protects your monster.

  27. You cant use Cold Feet and Mystical Refpanel together because Cold Feet doesnt target you

  28. When are we going to get a Top 10 Cards to use Mystical Refpanel On list?

  29. monster reincarnation is great. I use it with my king of the skull servants deck to send a vanilla I have in my hand to the grave to bring king back. He gets a 1000 boost to his atk so its an absolute win

  30. Hey so I know the video is old but a few months ago you did top 10 worst instant win cards and I think a top 10 best instant win cards will be good to

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