Top 10 Worst Popes in History

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10. Pope Boniface VIII (c. 1235 – 1303)
9. Pope Leo X (1475 – 1521)
8. Pope Clement VI (1291 – 1352)
7. Pope Urban II (ca. 1035 – 1099)
6. Pope Julius III (1487 – 1555)
5. Pope Stephen VI (? – 897)
4. Pope Sergius III (? – 911)
3. Pope Benedict IX (c. 1012 – 1065/85)
2. Pope John XII (c. 937 – 964)
1. Pope Alexander VI (1431 – 1503)

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  1. Now do one about the 10 worst Rabbi's and Muslim Clerics! I doubt you you have the balls

  2. Worst pops in history ok um oh wait i screwed up once again

  3. The first painting of Julius III is actually Raphael's portrait of Pope Julius II the Pope who got Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel and who started the construction of the current St. Peter's Basilica. This painting resides at the National Gallery in London.

  4. the crusades were defensive wars against the muslimes that conquer bizantine land and southern eaurope

  5. Peter never started the Catholic Church.

  6. I think the First Crusade Pope should have been number 1 cas he has the highest kill count and is partially responsible for the ripples of conflict the world still feels today.

  7. Well francis is a real candidate. For sure. Sheriffs in germany tried to arrest his mug. Rumor that a infant was sacrificed. His wood carved throne of satan is not pretty.

  8. I always wonder how evil the Borgias were vs. how much they were vilified as a Spanish family in a Roman game.

  9. Those Catholics and little boys🤔🧐🤫

  10. I apologize if that came across as rude.

  11. Why wasn't pope Boniface VII on the list? You know the pope who took control of the papacy as one of multiple popes where he was indirectly responsible for the death of two of them?

  12. Christian Europe was by no means perfect, far from it in fact, but allowing muslims to invade and conquer at will would have been disastrous. The crusades were an absolute necessity. There's been an influx of misinformation and historical revisionism lately… don't fall for it.

  13. "THE Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine — but for unbelievers a proof of its divinity might be found in the fact that no merely human institution conducted with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight."

    ~Hilaire Belloc

  14. Francis can’t be on the list. Because he’s not Pope.

  15. Shame on you, putting Urban II on the list. The first crusade was a needed and logical answer to muslim invaders, raiders and slavers.

    The muslims conquered most of the christian cities and invaded Europe on many occasions.

    Rarely was a military action as justified as the first crusade.

  16. Try covering popes in your channel called BioGraphics

  17. That's a new level of hate, to bother to dig up and mutilate a corpse TWICE!

  18. When is Pope Francis making it to the list?

  19. But was the money just resting in their accounts?

  20. The painting used for Julius III is actually that of Julius II.

  21. You missed the most obvious #1, Pius xii. Not only did he form a bond with Hitler, but he gave Vatican passports to Nazi war criminals


  23. Triggered catholics: what about muslims?!

    😂 atheist here laughing at your pathetic deflection.

  24. I feel like Pope Francis deserves an honorable mention. Overseeing countless cases of child pedophilia cases in the Catholic church, as well as saying many heretical things.

  25. I can't really believe these are real! Ghosh, Pity those people

  26. That reminds me of pop[e Francis. He also likes stick his nose in international politics…

  27. Pope Urban II was a great man who galvanized the Christian world against an enemy that had been attacking us since the 7th century. The First Crusade to restore Christian lands conquered by the Muslims was an admirable endeavor – even if the actions of the Crusaders themselves weren't always holy. Like any other major event in history it has been grossly oversimplified and misunderstood.

  28. I loved getting to punch the pope in the face at the end of assassin's Creed ii!

  29. Borgia…#1, of course. I have the series and he was quite the greedy sinner!

  30. What about all the popes who hid the pedophilia going on in the church

  31. I can't imagine why the mafia was ever a thing.

  32. Hide your kids, hide your – actually, that's enough.

  33. Props to this channel for recognizing St. Peter as the first Pope.

  34. Interesting but also confusing. Why running a criss-cross through history instead of following the timeline from early to recent?

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