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  1. godzilla 2019 legendary Reply

    I disagree with your opinion you hate A Sandaconda wrap around snake but there's ekans which it's just a snake named backward perserkker is a berserker or a viking and ALOLAN Persian looks more ugly CRAMORANT IS SO DERPY BUT ITS TOO GOOD CUZ OF MEMES in DeeDee Is better normal psychic type while the other is a giraffe you hate galarian stunfisk but at least it gives some more love and others don't deserve galarian forms cuz other pokemon are perfect tha way their are

  2. RadiationZack10 Reply

    Galiarian meowthe is supposed to be a Viking so that’s why it’s steel

  3. Stephanie Sartain Reply

    Pichu is not a pikachu clone you dummy. Do you even know anything about Pokemon. From the mistakes in this video I think not.

  4. PixelatedRiley7 Reply

    MORPEKO MOB UNITE AGQINST HIM HE IW A SINNER AND MUST PAY!!!!! (dont worry this is a joke not a hate comment 😀)

  5. Eiscue is the worst design so far. It's design is somehow both jarring and bizarre while being forgettable and lazy. Overall though, the designs this gen have been great. Much better than 6/7.

  6. Gen 1. Oh it’s literally just a rock. Gen 2. Oh it’s literally just an owl. Gen 3. Oh it’s literally just a frog. Gen 4. Oh it’s literally just a cat. Gen 6. Oh it’s literally just a goat. Gen 7. Oh it’s literally just a fish. Gen 8. Oh it’s a penguin with ice on its head.


  7. Austin Hawkins Reply

    I don't understand. These designs are not bad, and most of the points he makes are either unfounded, or uninformed.

  8. Ramu •w• Reply

    How dare you call out my boy Eiscue? I love very single penguin pokemon, So this kinda hurts me a lot.

    Also stop complaining about the design Eiscue is pretty strong.

  9. i miss woojin Reply

    okay but you were kinda dumb in your reasoning in this video 😔

  10. Snake Master Ehc Reply

    Both Sandaconda and Galarian Stunfisk are in my party. I felt violated when he said that they were bad pokemon. They have feelings too you know.

    By the way this in no way at all trying to be hateful. Keep on making amazing content!

  11. Kimberlee Armellino Reply

    Pat talks about perserker not suppose to be steel and hating it
    Lucario also steal for so little reason and maybe loved by pat

  12. Coconut Void Reply

    Are we not going to talk about how one of the new Pokémon is just an apple with a worm in it?

  13. I agree mostly but not all ratata remakes are bad have u seen how amazing shiny furret

  14. 2:17 In the description, it says "Living with savage, seafaring people has toughened this pokemon's body so much that parts of it have turned to iron".

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