Top 10 Worst Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield I can say are some of the most enjoyable Pokemon games I have ever played. The cast of Pokemon in these games is actually very good to me. If I can be honest, I like the majority of these Pokemon more like literally all of them besides 10. Even with the 10 I don’t like, these Pokemon aren’t even the worst Pokemon I have ever seen. There are much worse Pokemon like this stupid looking. The majority of the Pokemon in the dex have great designs and concepts behind them heck even the fossils are cleverly made despite how much Arceus hated them. But yeah I think you guys know where I am coming from where I am talking about the not so great Pokemon in these games. If you haven’t read the title already or have not guessed it, I am going to be talking about the top 10 worst Pokemon in sword and shield. In the past where I have made worst pokemon lists, it got brutal for some Pokemon. I can say that what I will say won’t be nice about some of these Pokemon because obviously it’s a worst Pokemon list, but you won’t see the amount of brutality like how I do with Electrode or Torterra. Which by the way for all you Torterra fans out there that know I am not a huge fan of Torterra, I like Torterra more than some Pokemon on this list. It’s not the worst Pokemon in the world. Anyways enough about Torterra, let’s just get into what I think are the top 10 worst Pokemon in sword and shield.

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  1. My favorite pikachu Pokemon is paturisuo and emolga

  2. For dubwool competitively, u could run cotton guard and body press, since body press bases its damage off of its physical defence

  3. By far my least favorite from this gen is Morgrem. Also really dislike Toxel, Chewtle, and Intelleon as well. Other than those 4 everything else is alright if not great!

  4. Yer hatin' on intelleon, but cinderace be out there lookin' like a fursona
    A badly done one

    Also,, twakey doesn't belong?? He literally looks like teenage grookey
    I choose grookey as my starter and tought the evo was pretty neat, if anything, rillaboom is what threw me off.

    Edit: DON'T YOU DARE TO DISRESPECT MY BOY BARRASKEWDA, I had one on my team and he's a cutie
    Not to mention he's an amazing glass cannon.

  5. Snipe shot is incredible

  6. i lick cram rant so you stick

  7. I acctually really like Inteleon. But I respect your opinion! You made some good points!😊

  8. Stop flame the fucking electrode, dude…

  9. Am i the only one to think Thwakey is okay, and Rillaboom is the problem? Cheastnaut all over again

  10. To be honest, this isn't the worst pokemon stats wise

  11. worst pokemon video tbh ever

  12. If you have ever lived with a guinean pig you Will LOVE morpheco. They have the same vives, all hungry and asking for food. In my opinion, the BEST Pikachu clone

  13. I wonder whose pointing hand is the one he uses in every video?

  14. Like I understand it's not appealing at first but when you look into inteleons' concept it's pretty badass. Also its signature move is really fRicKing cool

  15. Hence, I have no need to spend money on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sorry, but they just keep cranking out the same storyline with crappier and crappier Pokemon.

  16. What’s everyone hating on Thwackey so much I think it’s a really cool Pokémon

  17. Inteleon and drednaw are two of my fave pokes from this region… the pain I felt watching this oh my

  18. Me: thinks that intellion is just use for click based……
    Mystic Umbrion: I’m a stop you right there

  19. They truly did make this round of pokemon the most dumb looking ones…. I cant touch ANY of the starters because of how bad they look. Its like when teen titans became teen titans GO.

  20. Samurott is my least favorite pokemon

  21. Eiscue definitely has to be my least favorite Pokémon this Gen. A penguin with an ice cube for a head is so stupid. Also, how can you say Morpeko is the worst Pika Clone when Dedenne exists? I don't dislike Dedenne, but it just isn't very good compared to the others.

  22. Dracovish and Dracozolt are so freaking cute

  23. 6:40 Say SIKE right now !

  24. The fossils of Galar are an abomination. Gamefreak needs to be eradicate them from existence and bring back all the previous fossils.

  25. Wow this list is bad xD


  27. The fossil scientist just out here trying her hand at alchemy, creating abominations

  28. Inteleon: interesting concept and design

    Mystic umbreon: ewwww

    Cinderace: FOREHEAD

    mystic umbreon :NOW THATS A QUALITY STARTER

  29. I think Inteleon is really well designed, it's slick and cool just like a spy. I also love Rilaboom, it looks like Gorilla Tarzan that plays drum.

    my least favorite is Cinderace, it's literally just Bugs Bunny with a soccer uniform, what's so good about it?

  30. I kinda like Stonjourner. It's not my favorite, but I love its perpetually skeptical expression and the fact that it kicks enemy Pokemon with extreme prejudice.

  31. I love the Sobble line though…

  32. I want a swordfish Pokémon more than a dolphin

  33. Mystic: the water selection in galar is bad

    Grapploct: allow me to introduce myself

  34. Don’t insult my girl baraskewda

  35. I was expecting to agree with this list but damn you went off on dreadnaw who’s shiny makes him look like bowser or a ninja turtle

  36. I love that it eats Pikachu on accident

  37. Why don’t you like torterra?

  38. To me, the worst are the starters, they all look like furries to me. Cinderace and Inteleon are tied for the worst to me. Cinderace looks like Sonic's original live action design, like a gross, hand abomination and Inteleon looks like a reject from the Sonic games. Every gen people get off put by an overly humanoid starter and now they made all 3 look like gross furries, they're all Incineroar and Delphox.

  39. Yeah the fossils, Stonjourner and Inteleon are pretty crappy. I don’t like Eiscue either.

  40. Cramorant is perfect. I wanted him on my team but couldn't find one. His whole design aspect is that it thinks of food only, like most sea birds in populatef areas. So it's derpy looks is so great. Also Drednaw is veeeery cool. And morpeko is… Fine. Sad that Marnie couldn't use it's signature move though.

  41. Putting cramorant and morpeko on here is bad…

    But putting thwacky at number 1

  42. Dreadnaw is the sixth best pokemon in sword and shield in my opinion.

  43. This video should be called “Top 10 Worst Looking Pokemon in Sword and Shield”. This has nothing to do with how good these Pokémon are XD. Still some quality content though.

  44. The only one I agree with is Thwacky, other than that this list is garbage.

  45. Inteleon is powerful but ugle

  46. i dont get the dubwool gripe.. we already have the "fluffy sheep evolves and becomes less fluffy" trope with the mareep line.. why would they need to repeat that trope? and thematically it makes sense since its modeled after a soccer ball (which is a huge theme in galar). why would we need a literal rehash of a previously existing sheep pokemon lol? then again idk if mareep>amph was one of the evo lines they axed

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