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  1. glad to see hotel mario actually NOT be put on one of these lists…. the game does have some serious flaws YES, and not the overused argement that "omg, all you do is run around and close doors"need i remind you that in mario 1, considered to be a classic by many, a lot of what you do is just run to the right and jump to avoid obstacles and enemies… clearly that argument doesn;t hold water across all mario titles and therefore cannot count as a real reason to call it a bad game. no, i'm talking real game affecting issues like how shooting the fire flower requires you to push the jump button and another button at the same time, and if your timing is slightly off…. you jump also, and often bash into an overhead enemy costing you the flower, or how a lot of the difficulty i later stages comes from the game annoyingly spawning enemies on floors you already cleared which then open the doors there and force you to go back and reclose them.

    that being said, the game does have a fair share of redeeming qualities, the music is kickass, the hotels and enemies are fairly varied, there are lots of secrets to find and ways to ease your progression if you explore and look or listen for clues on how whether you can trigger a cutscene on the current floor, and it is nice to see the koopalings return and have their own unique boss fights. plus, the game does have a save feature, a level select screen, and even readily accessible unlimited continues… something the well renown mario 1 should have taken a lesson from instead of forcing you to push specific buttons at a specific time after you die to continue… talk about cryptic bullshit. so while the game has its flaws, putting it at #1 worst game like so many lists do is just unfair… so many worse mario games exist, such as

    mario 2, the lost levels, which is so hair pullingly frustrating that you'd be hard pressed to have any fun playing it, and no joke almost reaches frigging kaizo mario levels of unfairness and difficulty sometimes…. almost

    mario party 10… which basically was like mario party 9 but worse as it didn't improve on the errors in 9's formula, such as how luck literally was the entire premise of the game now and you had no control over your fate, instead of just being present but not dominating in previous titles, or how items were now completely random in when you got them, and mini games came up whenever the hell they felt like instead of every turn, and due to how much luck dominated rarely meant much in the grand scene as the next turn you could be fucked out of half your ministars anyways. and they even had the gall to include a watered down version of the previous mario parties as amiibo party, which was a slap in the face to those who wanted a return to that formula and basically felt like the devs saying "here, we gave you what you wanted… well sort of… but shut up anyways!"

    a lot of the mario educational games listed here. admittedly, i've never played there, but from fotage i've seen they seem so highly repetitive so there's no enjoyment to be had, and worse they fail to even live up to their title as an educational game, as some look so confusing even ADULTS have trouble knowing what to do…. so what does that tell you about how kids would fair playing it and trying to learn from it?

    the mario tennis game listed… granted, i never played this either, but it looks so bare bones that i'd probably get bored after less than an hour and never come back.

  2. I can’t unhear “declathon”.

  3. I really love the way you review your games

  4. the reason lost levels wasnt released as smb2 in the US was because they thought it would be too hard for americans, so you kinda proved their point lol

  5. Lost Levels is a very good game IMO. I disliked Super Mario Land 1 though, because of the horrendous controls.

  6. I acually love mario tennis ultra smash

    Go on attack and hate me

  7. #strivingfororiginality (RIP That old slogan)

  8. Best Mario party Mario party ds

  9. I actually liked mario pinball

  10. sonic pinball better than mario pinball

  11. what about the mario typing game

  12. I really don't think The Lost Levels is bad. However, Paper Mario: Color Splash definitely should be here.

  13. Honestly i liked mario party advance

  14. The intense difficulty is kind of the whole point of the Lost levels/Mario 2 though, and was marketed as such in Japan. It was originally a famicom disk system game and I wouldn't really consider it to be a "true" sequel.


  16. The reason the depth perception on Mario's Tennis is hard to guess is because the Virtual Boy was 3D.

  17. Hey man, don’t say meh to Mario Party Island. That was my first DS game

  18. I honestly forgot virtual boy was a thing until now

  19. most of the games on this list are better than any Mario Party.

  20. Number 10 was on 5 spot of best N3Ds games in Germany… lol

  21. 8:20 forgot to mention the cpu is hella glitchy

  22. Can you make a triggered video on hotel mario

  23. Picking low hanging fruit and rehashing the same things about some D-tier edutainment games isn't good content. It is content, but not content you should want to make. It's the same level as those top 10 channels thatmade videos. In movie maker in 2009. Oh wait it's worse because at least those guys tried to add their own opinion rather than looking at a random Wikipedia article or something. I know I shouldn't expect anything else from the guy who makes the "how this game totally tRiGgErS you xD", but come on surely you could be better

  24. you should change the title so that it's worst nintendo mario games

  25. 5:15 Oof man why u gotta bully poor weegee

  26. 10:09 Man, the only version of Mario is Missing I know about is that weird porn game I somehow stumbled upon online

  27. Mario pinball land is the best game in the entire earth

  28. Those gadgets that you were talking about for number 9 was a memory I have been looking for for many years

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