Top 10 WORST Football Accessories Football Players DO NOT NEED

Top 10 WORST Football Accessories Football Players DO NOT NEED
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ABOUT: My name is Clark Hazlett and I am currently a junior at Linfield College where I play quarterback. In the classroom, I am currently a Marketing and Sports Studies double major with a minor in Digital Art. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the sport of football. It has taught me many life lessons. The quarterback position, in particular, has allowed me to develop discipline, leadership, multitasking skills and the ability to work and thrive in any environment.

Outside of school and football, my interests are centered around SNEAKERS, my soon to be apparel company *Check out @AdventureAthletes on Instagram!* and outdoor adventuring throughout the Pacific Northwest. My interests have allowed me to develop my passion for photography and videography. This past year I launched this YouTube Channel which has allowed to utilize my digital art skills and connect with all of you. My primary focus as of right now for my channel is to inspire and educate athletes on what it takes to be a successful college student-athlete. Rather than take all day to tell you about the future of this channel, I’d rather have the videos speak for themselves. Follow along with me on my journey! Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos! I really appreciate the support. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. Thanks as always for the love and support everyone! These are some accessories that you DO NOT NEED. Comment below if you disagree with me on any of this as this is my personal opinion y'all don't come at me too hard! See y'all in the next one…. Uhhhhhhyuuuuu!

  2. Who is playing with a rubber football 😂

  3. Never wore a neck roll or cowboy collar as an inside linebacker. Kind of need to be able to move my neck for reads and looking for the ball.

  4. I played mlb in high school and one year in college and had a waffle pan face mask, cowboy collar, and a chinstrap with the two holes in it 😂

  5. My friend / teammate rocks this

  6. I play peewe and unless you buy one you don’t get one I don’t have the money like that

  7. I do like the big grill for the riddell speed, but I don't any other big grill or crossbar, and with the baggy jerseys, you can't help it if they're provided to you by the football program

  8. Middle line backer and right out side

  9. Its a birth defect on drew brees who chose to keep his scare

  10. have you hurdeled anybody before

  11. i have no idea why i’m watching this. i don’t even play football

  12. If your good at football your good it dosen’t madder how you look

  13. WRs wear the tape knuckles under there gloves

  14. You’re dumb af for saying crossbar face masks are ugly

  15. That’s a mole on brees

  16. The cross bar is kinda dope with a visor. Am I the only one?

  17. Yeah I’m totally gonna listen to a D3 QB on what to wear. He clearly doesn’t know what people where today. Most of the stuff he mentioned were either already not used. Most guys already wear the compression shorts with thigh pads cause u can put a cup in those. And the finger tap is for some extra grip for centers and running backs that don’t want to wear gloves. They don’t do it for the “drip”. someone needed to focus more on getting better than what they look like.

  18. About the o line face masks there ugly I would never use them

  19. Idk about the taped fingers being ugly bro that look is tough. Same with the old style of linemen/linebacker face masks

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