Top 10 worst cities for Smog! Air quality losers

Top 10 worst cities for Smog! Air quality losers

What is going on everyone? Have you ever wondered where the worst air quality is in the United States? If you have, this list is for you. If you are thinking about relocating to a new city maybe buying a house with a serious mortgage then you should use this list as a guide.
Enjoy the video. And stay healthy.

Thanks for checking out the channel. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If there is a state, city or town you’d like us to do a video about let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Hope you have some success in getting people to leave my state. There are too many of you here. So if you don't like it here stop crying and complaining and start packing. That LA smog is caused by too many cars on our roads. So haters please leave because that will result in less cars on the road. That's a win/win for both sides. The one thing you will hear is that a dwindling middle class will result in less tax revenue to run the fifth biggest economy in the world. That's not completely true because less people means less wear and tear on infrastructure, less pollution and litter and less crime. And since we are overtaxed already then that overage amount will account for much of the difference. I think throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water is stupid. Just like trump suing the state because we pass laws to reduce pollution. We passed a law here to mandate all cars get 45 miles per gallon. Trump wants 21 miles per gallon. Which of those two measures will reduce auto exhaust? Not a damn thing wrong with California that cannot be corrected with a high pressure hose and a few strokes of the pen in Sacramento. There are a boatload of problems in California. There is also a boatload of potential. Please let yourself out. The only question l have for you Mr. Briggs is how long before you delete this simply because it doesn't agree with your assessment. Have a great day.

  2. Now you know why Californians are not all there I'm a truck driver been there seen it i live in midwest don't have shit like they have there bad aur trash every where homeless so quit trying to change our way of life fix just yours and shut the f up

  3. The corporations that made the place ugly with hideous cheap signs and BILLBOARDS and replacing natural plants with Manicured fake landscape is what also sucks which they try to do all over

  4. I don't complain about California's regulations for smog, cars are a huge factor. I am thankful for it. Please stop bashing poor people my god. Majority of people are poor just one wildfire, hurricane, earthquake and you can lose everything. HELLO the native plants are fantastic. The wildflowers, cactus and wildlife. The problem is when they replace the existing plants with plan trees and other plants. The plants that grow or grew in California naturally are magnificient.

  5. Moderate is not good. Only good is good. Moderate smells like gas

  6. CARB is high on something, makes no sense on anything

  7. I found myself coughing during this video. Not sure why.
    Didn't they used to send people with lung problems to Arizona years ago?

  8. Glaucoma old folks? I was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the age of 52 lol.

  9. California is suppose to be the leader in fighting smog and pollution. I guess its losing the lead!

  10. Orange days in DC. Yeah.

  11. this could be called 420 ways to get smogged…


  13. I’m not surprised about Southern California with all the wildfires the whole state is terrible about California in the wildfires Is Chicago in North West Indiana is terrible with the steel mills

  14. Love your YouTube channel, Great stuff, Cheers, from Australia 😎

  15. Denver number 3… my hometown does suck with air quality. It’s better than it was in the 80’s.

  16. lol Klingon. just in time, thanks for the info!

  17. DC is because of all the Liberals trying to get Trump impeached

    Commented on: October 26, 2019

  18. The biggest contributors in Phoenix are #1 vehicle pollution (ozone) #2 particle pollution caused by construction Construction companies that are building new housing by law are supposed to water down the soil so debris from construction doesn't cause the soil to get airborne. Still, many construction companies ignore this law. Dust storms also cause particle pollution. Please also note that while there are some coal powered generating stations in Arizona (I agree, they should all be closed), none of them are within 200 miles of Phoenix so they are not a major contributor to Phoenix air pollution.

  19. Your videos are information and entertaining but this one is the best

  20. I'm surprised Boise, Idaho didn't make the list. Boise sits in a valley and is surrounded by mountains. During the winter it is prone to inversions which is when the air is filled with car fumes, smoke from lots of wood burning stoves, and some factory output fumes. The air stays that way until a storm finally comes through the valley and clears it up. During the summer the air gets filled with smoke from surrounding forest fires. The air has been bad enough sometimes that the schools have had to have indoor recess. There are some times when the air quality is good. Those times are called Spring and Autumn, but even those times have some iffy days.

  21. Surprised SF or Seattle isn't on this list… and other than here, I hear the valley effect much like SLC has been negatively affecting Boise's air in recent years… but I may see for myself soon enough…

  22. Doing their best to plug that pesky hole in the ozone layer!

  23. Again..California is the shits all around. Thanks Briggs for the info.

  24. I thought the title said top 10 cities of smug! Are you listing them by number of Toyota Priuses registered? 😆

  25. #10. Chicago…
    Who knew?

  26. He didnt elaborate the SLC one, our air quality is crisp and spectacular through the summer and spring, but through late fall and winter it gets worse and almost horrible because of the inversion and cold air which acts as a trap and so do the mountains, so yeah be careful through the winter in SLC, though snowstorms relieve it

  27. Phillys air quality sucks btw

  28. I live near San Jose and I’m surprised it’s not on the list

  29. I really thought Bakersfield was going to be your #1 pick

  30. Surprised Houston isn’t #1 or #2. Have lived here my entire life and have COPD despite being a non-smoker.

    Extremely surprised Denver is ranked above Houston…and now shocked scared because I’m working on a work transfer there

  31. And yet in Los Angeles the 10 billion 2 stroke leaf blowers and weed whackers are totally ok, because they don't pollute AT ALL!!!! But I am expected to drive an electric car or a damn PRIUS!

  32. Well Washington dc at least we are getting closer to Virginia

  33. Healthy, yes. Happy on the other hand.

  34. LA is number one followed by other California cities as well as Chicago, Houston tx, and Gary Indiana

  35. Smog is really bad in SLC, but it’s also seasonal… mostly in January.

  36. Surprised Bakersfield didn't make it? It's commonly rated worse than LA.

  37. any idea of a big city similar is someways to LA/NYC that is better than both (taxes,air quality crime …)
    I feel people forget it's hard to adapt to a rural/suburbs place after you grew up in a big city !
    Maybe do top 5 best big city's in the US ? 🤔

  38. briggs i cant understand why people and state govt in C.A build houses in historic fire ranges were the santa anta winds come in every year and like burn 500 or 600 house boggles my mind why would any one live in a fire range?????????

  39. Guessing in no particular order: Denver, Phoenix, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Albuquerque, Tucson, Houston, Dallas, and Detroit.

  40. Since it is Autumn, you should do one with states or cities that have the most scenic changing of the seasons!

  41. Yuhh..Smog life! Got the smog fiends on deck!

  42. the mine near my house use to ship a lot of coal to new York now most of it gos over seas

  43. I lived in Glendora , California as a kid during the '50s and 60s and experienced L.A. smog from time to time.
    Glendora is 27 miles from L.A. and I remember that the smog would burn your eyes.

  44. Yay cough, cough, hack, hack, sneeze wheeze and runny, itchy noses galore…I live at the beach in Santa Monica where the air quality is ALLEGEDLY better. I really want to laugh at that joke, but I'll go into convulsive coughing fits if I laugh too hard. Ahh-choo! We're Number1 woo!

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