Top 10 Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals

Walmart is the ULTIMATE Black Friday destination. I have scoured through 1000’s of Walmart Black Friday deals and have narrowed it down to a top 10. Watch this video and DON’T miss out!
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**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You’re helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)
In this video The Deal Guy has found the best Black Friday Walmart Deals for 2019. This top 10 Walmart Black Friday list is one of the best i’ve ever done. This Walmart Black Friday 2019 list of products is a product of hours of research.
Both retail and online are equal in terms of shopping destinations. I hope you enjoy this Top 10 Walmart deals video!
Don’t miss out!
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  1. trash shops at walmart!!!!

  2. And ure dk isn't bad,duh

  3. When does Black Friday end ?

  4. He starts talking about the deals at 1:45 😣

  5. Too long intro. Get on with it!

  6. Looking for a 4k TV under $230 that can be delivered because due to my blindness and balance issues I am unable to transport it home

  7. Tomorrow I’m gonna be at Walmart for an Apple Watch!!

  8. Which ear phones are better than beats

  9. Just got the air fryer ok n the Walmart app, it's live now!!!

  10. The actual content does not begin until 1:50

  11. Hey The Deal Guy!! I like the red 👔 need it for my husband. ♥️
    That Instapot I’m looking to buy.
    What toothpaste do you use? I think I’ve asked you that before.. your teeth are so white.

  12. The NU6900 is such a bad tv

  13. Yes where the smart people shop.

  14. Those tv sales have been up since Labor Day.

  15. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  16. 70 for a tooth brush this country is getting so lazy cant even brush your teeth with out a motor.😁

  17. Could you source fireproof safes for us to buy this Friday? Please & Thanks!!

  18. Any deals on the DJI mini 👀

  19. is there a deal for the galaxy s9?

  20. You mention the Apple Watch but it’s not in your list below?

  21. Get the best Black Friday deal with ivacy VPN 87% off and stay secure online.

  22. Grabbing 3 Apple Watch for Christmas gifts

  23. Hey Matt, great video. Keep em coming bcuz I’m watching

  24. So no info about deals we're able to access from Canada or do we need to wait for Cyber Monday??

  25. I need to save some money so thanks for the deals!

  26. The TV deal he mentioned was actually a 55' UHD HDTV don't know why he said it was a LED model. When it clearly says UHD right on the box

  27. Matt thank you for your hard work.

  28. I love listening to you. You all ways right on time.

  29. Thanks Matt for posting these deals.

  30. I don't live in the US why am I watching it ?

  31. This guy is wack: "…as my top no.7!!.." yet it said no.6 🌽🏀

  32. Thank you so much. I will be looking at the laptops.

  33. Americans worship the golden calf. They are materialists par excellence. When they should be worrying about what will happen to their soul when they die, they are out filling up their cart at some outlet mall.

  34. Will samsung active watch 2 be on sale?

  35. I just hope they got AirPods 🤞🏿

  36. I'm spending NOTHING this year. It's always the same stuff. Always.

  37. $69 at walmart?? Kohls has $10 bath towels for less than $3 right now!!!

  38. iPad 7th gen is on sale at Best Buy. 128 gb for $329. Bought it yesterday and loving it.

  39. Please do a "Black Friday vs Cyber Monday"

  40. Any vacuums other than rumba

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