When it comes to these villains, the heroes have only themselves to blame. For this list, we’re looking at villains whose origin stories are the direct result of their heroic adversaries. Our list includes Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017), Syndrome in “The Incredibles” (2004), as well as a slew of Marvel and DC villains, from Mysterio in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019) to Two-Face in “The Dark Knight” (2008). Which villain do YOU think has the most to blame on the good guys? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Juan Camilo Vanegas Reply

    Ultron was poorly written and developed a shame because in comics, animated and games is maniacal and beating him requires many heroes.

  2. 10. Hank Pymm created Ultron 9. Batman created Joker 8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles created Ultimate Drako 7. Professor X created Onslaught 6. Spiderman created Venom 5. Punisher created Jigsaw 4. Ironman created Iron Monger 3. Wolverine creates Dakken. 2. Hulk creates Abomination 1. Professor X creates Juggernaut

  3. Archangel Stormrider Reply

    Jack Nicholson's Joker should be on this list at number one. Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was a waste of time. Great list till number one. Do better next time.

  4. Roman Bryant Reply

    Joker 1989 Batman?

    "You idiot! You made me, remember> You dropped me into that vat of chemicals"

  5. Δημήτρης Αυλωνίτης Reply

    Wait. What about killmonger from black panther? His father was killed by t'chaka and he was abandoned not even accepted in wakanda. He should be on the top.

  6. Δημήτρης Αυλωνίτης Reply

    Marvel: will make some goood villains for you guys.😉
    Marvel heroes: don't worry will create our own😇👍🙃

  7. You would think that a piece of tech like the Stark glasses would have people that would be banned from using it, even by accident. Like all dismissed employees, known enemies, criminals, etc….

  8. I wouldn't say mysterio was created by THE hero, he was created by A hero. he was already a villain before peter gave him the glasses. same with loki, he wasnt created by the hero, he was created be a hero (if you consider Odin a hero)

    also how did yall miss the mark with megamind so badly? megamind literally creates the villain in megamind (the reporter kid who gets powers) ! somebody is slacking

    top 10 villains created by tony stark lmfao

  9. the parodying fangirl Reply

    If Loki is on this list shouldn’t scar be as well? There backstories are very similar except scar was mufasas real brother but there father still treated him like shit

  10. Black manta was a villian long before he met Aquaman. So he should not be on this list.
    Buddy hatred was misplaced. Mr.Incredilbe was only trying to protect hm.
    Zemo again was a villian before he tried to take out the avengers. As you said he was a terrorist. So he was no hero. He was even a mercenary which often do the wrong things.
    Kyle Ren would have ended up on the dark side even if he had not trialed him. His pull to the dark side was inevitable.
    Yes Tony and Bruce created Ultron but neither of them made him a villian.
    I don’t see how Batman created two-face. Yes he, dent and Gordon decided to take down the Joker and the Gotham crime families bust it was the Joker who created him.

  11. Aquaman doesn't count, because the dude was already a villain prior to that event.

  12. Robert Wayne Vernon Jr Reply

    That scene from Aquaman looked like something out of the Power Rangers.

  13. So Many Fandoms 89 Reply

    Technically, (based off some of these) it could be argued that Dumbledore made Voldemort.

  14. Kartik Bhutada Reply

    Zemo-you took everything away from me
    Cap-I don't even know who you are
    Zemo – you will

  15. Matt Simunovich Reply

    What’s really ironic is that Tony never really did create Ultron. It was actually Hank Pym & Janet van Dyne who created Ultron but in the MCU they wanted it to be Tony and Banner for some odd reason. Okay you so wrong Two-Face has nothing to do with Batman. His origins in the comics and in the movie is very clear that Harvey went after the mob and they contacted the Joker in order to get retaliation for being put in jail.

  16. greenlllllllllllllll Reply

    they should have said in movies luthor was created by superman

  17. I haven’t seen the video yet but I’m guessing Batman is number one.

  18. Gerilyn2003 Reply

    When will people stop blaming Syndrome on Mr. Incredible? It would have been insanely stupid and reckless to take a child to fight supervillains.

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