Top 10 Villainous Movie Couples

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Aww, they’re so cute. Wait. No, they’re not. These movies couples are seriously villainous. We’re looking at our favorite movie couples who are not so cute and cuddly – they’re actually quite evil and sadistic. We’ll only be including romantic relationships, so mutual and platonic partnerships will be excluded. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Most Villainous Couples In Movies.

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  1. I find psycho guys attractive😂

  2. Winona Ryder is a theif

  3. Regina and Floyd Beethoven 2nd

  4. They’d be villain protagonists.

  5. I’m a simple girl I see jd I click

    Almost all my favorite characters are on the list

  6. I like to add another couple to the list, Vaako and Dame Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick). One is strong, the other smart and both are hot, beautiful, ambitious and evil. And they work well together as one. The perfect villainous couple. My relationship goal 🤭

  7. You know what you did when you put Heathers in the thumbnail

  8. hey, Narzissa is not evil!!! Selfish, cowardly and perhaps uncaring towords everyone who is not her family, but not evil. She is never showen engaging in things like murderer and torture, , if she is presented with it she shows clears signs of discomfort while most around her get a thrill from it. I will not argue she is a good person, she never but once stood up against the wrongdoings of the deatheaters, but beeing a bystander who does not intervien is a different thing than someone enjoying the wrongdoings as a evil person would. She is a deeply gray character able of empathy although she most often desides to smother it, she is never showen to thrive on causing pain or misery in stark contrast to many presumed "heros". She also never is showen to kill, but the undoubtedly "good" Molly is!!!

  9. The video said Heathers was released in 1988, but wasn't it 1989?

  10. I'm surprised that Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan from "Carrie" weren't mentioned in this video.

  11. "Sin City" Dwight and Gail

  12. I saw Veronica and Jd and I clicked…

  13. Are Roy and Pris really villains or "evil"? Was Spartacus evil? He and the other rebel slaves also killed a lot of slaveowners. Isn't that the same thing the replicants were? I would argue you only seen them as evil because the movie is from the point of view of humans exploiting them.

  14. The couple from perfect getaway

  15. Number 8: I love you for this!!!!!!
    such a great movie

  16. You forgot this couple…Larry Rayder and Mary Coombs: Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.

  17. J.D's "Greetings and salutations" always gets me.

  18. Why Missy and Dean Armitage isn't here

  19. Omg I really hate chuky

  20. Why are villainous couples usually portrayed as healthier and more believable than the hero couples? Seriously, I can believe the romance between two psychopathic possessed dolls than I can the romance between a vampire and a human.

  21. I’m a simple girl, I see Veronica and JD I instantly click

  22. looking for mr. j and harley🙁

  23. Mr and Mrs Tweedy from Chicken Run should've been on this list.Granted,Mrs Tweedy was the smarter,and much more ruthless and greedier of the two,while Mr Tweedy is too dumb and focused on trying to warn her that the chickens are organized,but even that can't stop them from being threatening,because they are cruel to their chickens,even buying a machine that turns them into pies,for human's sake!


  25. how about Perdita Durango?

  26. I'm a simple girl. I see JD and/or Veronica, I click

  27. Sweeney Todd should be here with that woman. It was a relationship of sorts. And Harley Quinn and Joker.

  28. I came her because Veronica and JD were on the thumbnail.

  29. This video needs updating to included Joker & Harley Quinn; Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Black.

  30. While I love the HP franchise, the Malfoys are huge cowards. I don’t feel like they should be on this list.

  31. I always felt bad for Draco.

  32. Number 1: Minnie and Roman Castevet from Rosemary’s Baby.

  33. Pulp fiction. Girl looks like Devin from Ladylike

  34. chucky and tiffaney should be on the list

  35. I know its unrelated buut
    10:54 Aaaaah its robert dj

  36. O yes Bonnie and Clyde get my vote this couple is Notorious for pulling Biggest crime rate in America the two are legendary

  37. I TOTALLY DISAGREE Clarence and Alabama were not villains. opportunists who defended themselves.

  38. 10…. I'M SORRY "for purely selfish reasons" it's her son goddamn it! She could of betrayed Harry after he confirmed it, but she didn't. They didn't STAY evil, they stayed with Voldemort out of fear, then they turned neutral because the Malfoy's all loved each other, and that IS their saving grace, because they're capable of love. You put them on but NOT Harley Quinn and Joker… Shameful.

  39. I kinda though Count Olaf aNd Esme Squalor could been mentioned 🤷‍♀️

  40. Ms. Mojo, do a video about the greatest heroic movie couples of all time.

  41. While it can be fair to say that these villainous couples' methods and crimes are atrocious, even anyone reading this comment can agree that it's swell to have couples working together, regardless of the hardships.

  42. I only came here for Veronica and JD

  43. I knew number 2 immediately I saw the title – and I've only seen Natural Born Killers once. I still found them kind of cute in a twisted way.
    So why DIDN'T Juliet and Pauline make the list? Is it because they're real, and maybe they weren't actually in a relationship and everyone was overreacting plus there would be nothing wrong if there was. That's why they committed murder – because their parents thought they were too close and wanted them apart.

  44. If I ever see Harry Potter (i know, i know) it would be only for Lucius. Too hot.

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