Top 10 Video Game Plot Twists That Make No Sense

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Plot Twists That Made No Sense. For this list, we’re looking at strange plot points that don’t make sense for a multitude of reasons. There are plenty of spoilers ahead.
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  1. SPOILER!!

    1. You have filled this video with TONS of SPOILERS. And without even a warning you a-hole ruined three games for me.

    2. FF7 – Phoenix Down does not revive from dead, it recovers you from K.O status

    3. If you didn't understand MGS5, you clearly haven't delved through precious parts and therefore don't deserve Kojima's genius.

    4. Dante's coin is double sided because every time someone comes for help, he get's to fool the puny human customer AND he knows that he get to bust some demon rear.

  2. I didn't know that Matthew Mcconohy worked at watch mojo

  3. “I’m Tom Havedacorn and PLOT TWIST I only have peas!”

  4. Well, the entire plot of Resident Evil 6 makes no sense…

  5. Such a list for revenge! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?!

  6. I am so happy to see Indigo Prophesy mentioned. That was a fun game.

  7. Dude, Alan Wake's ending got very clarified in Control (the other Remedy game)

  8. Finally you acknowledge Aeris Death as pointless. Despite the fact of the Phoenix Down. He kills Aeris to prevent her from stopping his plans of meteor, but he dug his own grave as it helped her prevent his plans. Sephiroth is dumber than I gave him credit for.

  9. One of us has not been pronouncing “GeoCities” right. Pretty sure it’s not me.

  10. Something’s telling me that this guy is Riley from Linus Media Group..

  11. The death of a character is not a plot twist

  12. Love how Todd made a Captain N reference on the Mother Brain part. 🤣

  13. The top 10 fights in Fairy Tail that needed the power of friendship to win.
    Do it, Todd! lol

  14. Number one… Actually, lots of ppl have this kind of wife.

  15. Is this the guy who is the gambit vendor from destiny? Lmfao

  16. I cringe as soon as I hear Todd's voice

  17. Is WatchMojo still droning on about Phoenix Downs? It brings back from K.O. not Death.

  18. About MGS V: To start with, it isn't even a plot twist. And that problem is contemplated in the cassette tapes. The project was discarded by Cipher precisely because it would cause collateral damage, but Skull Face doesn't care about that. Plus, it was perfected to the point where intonation was also a relevant factor. Either way, the point was to erradicate English, and it certainly would have worked.

  19. "A lot of skill points put into Aerith" Makes sense.

  20. The Mass Effect entry isn't a plot hole. As far as we know, the Geth-Quarian conclusion is an anomaly in the larger context of the millennia or eons in which the Reapers have been active. If it isn't an anomaly, then the Reaper plan is flawed logic on behalf of the Reapers' designers. It's still not a plot hole.

  21. Jim Carrey being Dr Robonik

  22. FUUUUUUCKKKKK. By watching this video I only got reminded how they ruined the whole Mass Effect series in the end of ME3. God damn it.

  23. Number 5 might be that internet troll

  24. What about in Assassin's Creed game (I think II) where Ezio is about to finally find justice for the death of his father and two brothers by killing the man responsible, Borgia…when his uncle and the other Assassins get in his way so that they can welcome him into the guild. WTF?!?! I was like 'Uhm…dude, I'm BUSY!, Give me 5 minutes!'

  25. #1 spot: do you think his mechanical arm is the arm he uses for beating off?

  26. Scott Shelby as the origami killer is the best thing ever

  27. Never have this guy voice again

  28. I couldn't fully watch the video cuz of the narrator, sorry watchmojo

  29. Please hide your persona and be a narrator

  30. About FF7 :
    – It's not sephiroth who kills Aerith. Go play back the second disk.
    – Phoenix downs won't ressurect you. It reanimates you if you FAINTED from injuries.

  31. Ha! The way he pronounced GeoCities.

  32. Man, this narrator is so bad. Screw this.

  33. I liked the Heavy Rain twist :/

  34. why turn on notification?to be dissturbet of all 100 channels each 5 minutes…???????you crazy?

  35. Destiny's The Drifter narrating? Yes please

  36. Why dont they extend the cutscene to show them using a phoenix down (if you have one, that they take off you) and it not working because the blade had a special poison on it, a poison that he ran out of after killing her

  37. WatchMojo is on their crack pipe again.
    8:36 Melissa Bergman is Mother Brain.
    Villain Army Fans: Alright, that can easily be explained. The corrupt faction of the Galactic Feds tried to make an android who could control their ice resistant Metroids, but during the process of testing, she gained emotions and formed a bond with Madeline Bergman, but when they tried to take her away like with the Supereme Leader’s girl going to Columbus, Mordor, she fought back and took all their army of Space Pirates, now Cyborg Zebesians & Super Zebesians & Zebes lifeforms to attack them, thus putting the BOTTLE Ship under their control with help from Phantoon. #facts

  38. "A plot twist is like sex. Every storyteller does it, but with various degrees of skill."

    -Steven King

    (not the famous one that has a name that sounds similar.)

  39. Heavy Rain twist was great I thought

  40. ladies and gentlemen, the nightmare is back
    Todd Haberkorn is going to be a narrator in this video
    Get ready for a headache (0:47)

  41. I only drink green tea without sugar

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