Top 10 Video Game Characters That Always Get Hurt

Check out Why Do They Beat The Hell Out of Lara Croft? Over on MojoPlays:

Everybody hurts. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 video game characters that always get hurt. For this list, we’re looking at any characters in gaming who’ve gotten more than their fair share of injuries, be they gruesomely scripted ones or cheap insta-deaths. Which one of these characters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. We've gone a lot more into detail about why Lara Croft gets hurt a lot over on MojoPlays!:

  2. don’t they all get hurt

  3. Where is Minecraft steve he gets exploded by creepers lol

  4. I like the content but i really hate that voice, its like my annoying siblings.

  5. Let's not forget our wallets.

  6. #10 that's right everyone hurting each others that's what is happening here
    #9 many ways to die in space here in instant kill
    #8 again space what to say… but here there was zombies soldiers everyone hurting here
    #7 why big bad wolves always get hurt or be defeated? why people? why?
    #6 this indiana jones looking adventure hurt everywhere you know? everywhere!
    #5 poor young girl i feel sorry for her but you can't change that she can't get hurt
    #4 i wish mario never hurt like this guy hurts when he's saving princess
    #3 zombies, evil people in houses, horror everywhere much ways to get hurt here
    #2 omg this 2013-present adventures much more hurt than these older indiana jones looking aventures spikes, fire everything
    #1 omg you start in wheelchair shoot bad guys than you get in lot of troubles later in this much hurts than any other title in previous series but this wheelchair mission get me shocked one of the most shocking 1st levels ever
    that whole lists gave me shocks and headaches but nice list however thanks

  7. The new Tomb raider trilogy basically imitated uncharted set pieces. Lara's Cannon falls got nothing on Nates

  8. Mostpy every Beat 'em Up Games

  9. I need this guy to stop narrating forever.

  10. This Todd guy is so insufferably cringe worthily unfunny

  11. Replacing honorable mentions with an ad.. very innovative WatchMojo

  12. Damn this video is violent as hell I love it! Lol hopefully it doesn't get unexpectedly demonitized..

  13. Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us. Since the sequel has yet to be released, I would probably place them as an Honorable Mention unless we're talking about pain that comes from loss and emotion.

  14. Called it, Todd Haberkorn became a regular here.

  15. #10 should pretty much apply to any fighting game, since characters hit each other. They're called "fighting" games for a reason.

  16. 3:49 He NEEDS a vacation!!!

  17. Can you please do top 10 Hanna Barbara shows

  18. Kratos : am i a joke to you?

  19. How to use YouTube brought to you by WatchMojo. See how to subscribe partway through video. Then watch video before being told how to subscribe before ending the video.
    We get it. We’re idiots. We don’t know how to click icons.

  20. Can we just say every protagonist of every shooter game ever? So many bullets!

  21. What about Jason Brody?

  22. Where is Niko bellic I didn't know u couldn't get hurt (mentally)

  23. Batman wasn’t even a mention?

  24. Lara croft is really very irritating in terms of getting a dust.

  25. Snake from metal gear series

  26. Are we forgetting about that guy in Far Cry 2?

  27. Video game characters always get hurt…
    Every player character in soulsborne series.

  28. 1. Every fighting game character ever!

  29. How about Solid Snakes Dad big Boss

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