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These are the Unsolved Mysteries episodes that will keep you up at night. We’ll be ranking the scariest, most memorable, or otherwise disturbing episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that gave us the creeps. We’ll be including episodes from all the iterations of the series, from the classic first run, hosted by Robert Stack, to the various incarnations Unsolved Mysteries has enjoyed over the years. WatchMojo ranks the most mind-blowing Unsolved Mysteries episodes. Which Unsolved Mysteries Episode still haunts you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Reply

    Check out our featured song: "Catch Hell For Comfort" by Cultural Vultures!

  2. micksredtruck Reply

    Should’ve had the Coldwater Michigan case that was the basis for the movie Jeepers Creepers

  3. Frank Campbell Reply

    They did one on one of my StepGrandpa's sons going missing and never being found

  4. Lindsay Cryer Reply

    12 year old me was so devastated when I saw in the paper that Robert Stack passed away.

  5. The arson one is a classic and has been on other tv showed after it was thankfully solved by unsolved mysteries

  6. Nicole Holbrook Reply

    I use to watch this show when i was younger and the theme song would always scare me when i was kid. it scare me so much i ended up stop watching it along with my brother.

  7. Sasquatch Watch Reply

    it was his music and the voice and the fact i was like 10 or 12 and at night…shhhiiit no sleep

  8. jeremy fincham Reply

    The 1 that still keeps me up at night is why Joe Cooper was hanging by his neck in his 🤬 closet.

  9. Angievivien McCartney Reply

    The one that traumatized me was The Queen Mary Ship gosth stories 😩😨😨

  10. SonicAlchemy13 Reply

    Just made a comment about this show a few days ago on a Dead Meat podcast episode, always creeped me the fuck out when I was a kid. I had those stupid curtains with the gap in between on my bedroom window and my neighbors had one of those blueish haze flood lights. Made me think of the beam from the UFO lighting me up every time I went to bed.

  11. I remember a few moments. But one that comes to my mind the most frequent is about a guy who swings an axe, to chop wood I think, and accidentally cuts into his leg. I think he was too far to get help and he died.

  12. I watched the original while in elementary school. I must have been 8 when I started. I didn't make the connection that watching the show might be why I needed the living room TV on when I went to bed while waiting for my dad to get home from work.

  13. Archangel Stormrider Reply

    Robert Stack and his voice made sure I could not go to sleep after watching Unsolved Mysteries until I watched something after it. MacGyver and Star Trek usually did good. You can watch this awesome show on the Pluto TV app.

  14. Payton Barker Reply

    to be honest I was expecting Tourettes guy in his basement drunk

  15. Beddy TheCorgi Reply

    If you guys love that Robert Stack kinda host and mysteries there is a YouTube channel mysteriousWV that does 20-30 minute real unsolved crime episodes. It is fantastic!!! Dude has the trenchcoat robert stack narration going on!

  16. I don't agree with the #1 pick. And I think the one that inspired Jeepers Creepers should have been on the list:

  17. merricraven Reply

    There were genuinely episodes scared me as a kid and I still feel creeped out about those.

  18. Indigenousunity addisuns Reply

    Check out the Re-Solved Mysteries podcast where they update you on each episode

  19. Violet Vixen Reply

    My Family was on this show, as well as Larry King Live. Nothing nearly as creepy as what's on here, but still a pretty cool bit of my childhood.

  20. TheImmortalLowlife Reply

    Number 3 has been pretty much solved a long time ago. I'm pretty sure they were the kids that got a pick of some drug-running going on while Bill Clinton was governor.

  21. Francesca Gonzalez Ramos Reply

    Unsolved Mysteries is amazing TV series of the 90s.

  22. Cooldude Awesome Reply

    Man I remember watching this robert stack version when I was a kid

  23. The Chupacabra,Spontaneous combustion,and episode with the guy that would running across town when he went to sleep always got to me.

  24. That arson one in the honorable mentions was actually solved, it turned out to be two teenagers from California or something

  25. JK DeMartino Reply

    Cant exactly remember it but there was 1 episode from early 90s about a family in Texas who's house was haunted that scared the bajebus out of me

  26. Jessica Lannon Reply

    Does anyone know where you can actually watch the Tallman's Ghost episode? It seems like it's disappeared off the face of the earth! That episode traumatized me as a kid lol I want to see it again!

  27. planck10-43 Reply

    9:00 those two boys were part of the Clinton body count because they saw something in Arkansas they weren't supposed to see..

  28. I don't remember Unsolved Mysteries being scary, just very interesting, never missed an episode. My favorite TV show.

  29. They’re all available to watch on YouTube as well. I watch one before I go to sleep at night 😊👍🏻

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