Top 10 Unforgettable Strictly Performances

Anyone who’s anyone has been on “Strictly Come Dancing”, but some celebs are better at it than others! For this list, we count down the most unforgettable, incredible and truly spectacular dance routines from the long-running BBC show. Whether it’s a toe-tapping tango, a jaw-dropping jive or a waltz to really make you “WOW!”… it doesn’t get any better than this! Featuring
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  1. Everything is so mediocre including the audience.

  2. Katya and Sean's 'Matrix' Paso was absolutely spectacular.

  3. Where is Danny and Oti’s show dance from 2016 to set fire to the rain? That was sensational and in my opinion the best and most underrated dance in Strictly history.

  4. I liked Georgia may Foote until
    I found out that she cheated on her boyfriend with Giovanni during the show

  5. Not only is Giovanni insanely attractive, he’s also amazing at his job.

  6. How about Ore Oduba's singing in the rain piece (forgot what the style was!) so much better than half of these!

  7. Me: Oh strictly’s greatest performances cool

    *After watching*

    Me: This should be called Giovanni’s best dances!

    Anton: 17 series and I haven’t even had 1 ten and Giovanni has pretty much a whole video to him….

  8. Danny Mac's Samba not on the list? Ok then. 😐

  9. gotta love giovanni

  10. What I have learnt: Giovanni is the favourite.

  11. joe and dianne’s blackpool iconic foxtrot 2018??

  12. Lol at Giovanni getting runner up yet again on this list😂😂😂

  13. are you joking? where is danny mac's samba?

  14. I s2g scott mills as a crab must be in here

  15. "And I am telling you" Natalie should be on this list!

  16. Goes to show that Giovanni is an exceptional dancer, performer and teacher. Benissimo💃🕺

  17. That samba is not for this list, you guys lost it your minds. And best choreographer is Giovanni for sure

  18. The onscreen graphics keeps saying 2004 re the year Strictly started – but why not tell us which years these sequences took place which I imagine would be of more importance!

  19. Really shows you how good Giovanni's choreography is

  20. Michelle and gios performance

  21. Nobody will ever forget gangnam style.

  22. What about Jake and Janette’s Salsa in 2014. Best dance I have ever seen that early in the competition.

  23. Jay & Aliona – jive ? Where is it

  24. Something I think we cannot deny is how much of an amazing dancer and teacher Giovanni is

  25. Danny macs samba should’ve been on there as well as Ricky whittles quickstep and jays jive

  26. Am I the only kid here that remembers all of this

  27. Debbie McGee‘s legs!

  28. Who was making this pathetic list? What about Alexander Burke's dances. Nearly all her dances were flawless.

  29. Debbie McGee bloody well fantastic. . . You go lady!!!

  30. 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  31. I need to know if Michelle had dance training before. That will not be fair to the others. She had a slip of the tongue when she said she is used to dance her dance tonight in a faster or slower way. That did not sound kosher to me.

  32. How are most of these from 2004 yet I’ve seen most of these in strictly in the past 5 or so years !

  33. Charles and Karen's street dance should have been in this

  34. Top ten unforgettable strictly come dancing performances

    Renamed: Top 10 unforgettable Giovannis choreography’s on strictly

  35. Pixie Lott was robbed in 2014 imo

  36. What year was moulin rouge with Simon and Christina? Then blind Camilla and Tom!!!! 💤😴 2002? 🤔

    thanks Neil and Sandra! Taught me everything I know about conflict training and dealing with complaints to hoteliers and locksmiths!!!!

    Didn’t Otis do that dance from moulin rouge with the police man Graeme when getting advice about alarms and locksmiths? 🤔

    Just loved Kara Helens rhumba! Reminds me of a trip to Naples!

  37. Faye for number 5 was last year 2018 duhhh

  38. 10) I can’t believe that Joanna won strictly 2004 she was only there one year….9) I love serious dances 8) who was the professional dancer? 7) rumbas are so hard to dance 6) that was a great dance

  39. The EMOTIONS rewatching Ashley and Pasha's contemporary😭😭

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