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Who can forget these INCREDIBLE UNFORGETTABLE auditions from The X Factor UK? We most definitely can’t. Let us know your favourite audition in the comments below…

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  1. Muita propaganda,estraga o espetáculo

  2. Damn. Liam got Cheryl? Lucky af

  3. I can't get enough of Janet. It's to bad that she has had health issue. She had to put her career aside. 😕

  4. Sam Bailey was Phenomenal !! And i love to hear Cheryl Speaking, lovely Lady with a adorable slang

  5. James Arthur????

    Wait… That's illegal

  6. singer 2 hhaha you just put chills down my spine

  7. wow not only your beutiful but you have the voice

  8. i would jump on the buzzer lol

  9. a big cheers to the 1st one

  10. on james arthurs audition its crazy bc the judge said his life from this day on is gonna change and he literally predicted the future

  11. Sam Bailey was just awesome

  12. 32.13… good surprise…

  13. Louie be kissing Harry’s butt now

  14. I dont like Lui.. Simon owns 💕💕💕

  15. Thank you james for your service and congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

  16. 37:41 she has such a peaceful and beautiful voice. I'm jealous – o –

  17. The unfortunate thing about all the comments about the passion and the feeling is that the next audition will be from a 5 yr old who has no notion of any of the feelings or emotions that this man obviously feels and puts into his song, same song and the judges will like it equally. Singing for money is about the ability to churn it out night after night and nothing to do with emotion. Wake up world what do you really want. There are plenty of great performers in your locality go support them.

  18. apenas apereció Harry me puse a llorar

  19. Jay James is now singing with the fabulous overtones and they have an upcoming Xmas tour planned..
    Well done jay you made it!!

  20. Lmaoooooooo Cheryl judging her future baby daddy 😩 weird af.

  21. The little Irish lass is fantastic, I love her voice it's beautiful

  22. It amazes me how Brits speak perfect American english wen singing🤔what happens to their accent🧐

  23. James is my favorite, that voice!

  24. Simon always good points 👌👍 Best judge and talent chaser ever!

  25. How wrong loui Walsh was with Harry Stiles.

  26. 15: 20 – the best.

  27. Sam Bailey has got to be my all time favorite! She's incredible! 👌❤ I have watched the compilation of her story and her incredibly masterful voice displayed in all her songs. Keep up the beautiful music Sam!

  28. Sam Bailey: fantastic, AMAZING voice. Why oh why do people continually judge a book by its cover – both Gary and Louis were majorly looking down their noses at her when she walked in. Thank goodness for Sharon and her compassionate humanity!

  29. Why are Simon's faces the funniest thing ever

  30. How about a video of "Worst Auditions that made a lasting impact".

  31. How about Niki Evans and Daniel Evans (no relation, did not audition as a Duo, different seasons).

  32. Sam Bailey won it from Day 1. "4th Impact" should have won. Oh, here's Cheryl's "boy toy" that didn't last. Where's Amelia; Lola; Stacey; Jahmene; Christopher Maloney; Cher; "Rak Su"; Danyl; Jamie Archer; "Blonde Electra" (why does it say they from Dusseldorf, I thought they from Cologne); Johnny Robinson; Lucy Spraggan; Tamera Foster (2nd Solo Arena Audition); Lauren Murray; Monica; Seann Miley Moore; Goldie (hee hee hee); "The Cutkelvins".

  33. getting harder…good things. BECAUSE…from the singers we can making lots of dam today. Not bad. About it with my favorit judges. Congratulation!

  34. The girls group from minute 13:30 seemed like professionals !!! Daaang they were good!!!

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