These are some of the most unexpected deaths in horror movies of all time. Yeah, we definitely didn’t see that one coming— and we don’t think these characters did either! WatchMojo is counting down the horror movie deaths that just sort of came out of nowhere and made a memorable impact on our movie-watching experience. Which unexpected death is your favorite? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!
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  1. Brandon Ironik Reply

    That kid's death wasn't unexpected LOL you make noises in that movie, you die, simple

  2. Tech News for Tech Noobs Reply

    The scene in Deep Blue Sea almost never happened. It was requested by Jackson himself because he was tired of all the BS script re-writes, re-shoots, and other shenanigans the studio kept pulling that he requested to have his character die as soon as possible.

  3. Jimanjikles the Contradiction Reply

    Still remember seeing A Quiet Place in theatres.

  4. Jennifer Shepherd Reply

    I thought number 1 would be Gage Creed of Pet Sematary that was hard to watch. It was so unexpected the death of a baby.

  5. AfricanSeñorita Reply

    When I went to watch the Meg, and I seen this scene , I immediately thought of that Family Guy cut away for EVEN BIGGER JAWS 😂

  6. Adam Zimmerman Reply

    Chris Hemsworth’s death in Cabin in the Woods wasn’t unexpected since they revealed the existence of the force field earlier in the movie

  7. Unexpected Deaths….in a Horror Movies…..
    #9 Oh come on! even the trailers spoiled it.
    Sorry even Scream cant be unexpected. Its Horror, 90% of them always die.

  8. John Povenmire Reply

    The funny thing about Scream is that Wes Craven had already pulled that same trick in Nightmare.

  9. peruse aclip1234 Reply

    The blonde haired wonder, the god of thunder ,died in a way that would make you chunder! Tee hee.

  10. Started playing an ad for a movie and I was like what because it’s Christmas movies

  11. The other guys : the death of Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne The rock. It should have been there.

  12. Norm Turner Reply

    Kurt Russell falling from between the jets in Executive Decision. Not horror but certainly unexpected 🙈

  13. Kris Sweeting Reply

    Curt Vaughan’s death made cry from laughter. That was the greatest anti-climax ever 😛

  14. Carter Morris Reply

    Yah the wall’s death was very much expected as that film was already shown to have 2 megalodons so it was fairly obvious when he jumped in what would happen

  15. FrozenFox Games6 Reply

    You left out the fact that the actors were surprised by the death, because they weren't told about it happening.

  16. Videogamma And Megadude Reply

    I did not expect Anne from the original FT13 to die
    happy pure female
    first to appear
    not blonde

  17. Lee Van Cleef Reply

    Definitely Steven Seagal in Executive decision. As a kid I thought he couldn't be killed.

  18. that shark one was predictable as well saw that coming before it was even said

  19. that part in us wasnt unexpected either the movie was kinda shit tbh also sorry if it seems like im having a go at the video im not just bored haha

  20. the first one i saw coming from a mile away it was just kinda funny thats all not unexpected

  21. Hereditary was H E A V Y, you felt that loss. Great movie 👏🏻

  22. Catsfurever 101 Reply

    Okay so I just thought of this, but what about the other brother from Scream ( I forgot his name. He was the brother who liked Sydney) was unexpected. When it happened i was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

  23. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again Reply

    Fun fact: when scream first came out none of the cast members was really known…so they promoted Barrymore as she was the most known name at the time… everybody that went into the movie thinking she was going to be the main character just to find out she gets killed first…they were beyond shocked!

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