Top 10 Unexpected Doctor Who Moments

Doctor Who never fails to surprise! In this video, WatchMojo UK counts down the most unexpected, out of character, most surprising (and sometimes pretty terrifying) moments in the long-running BBC sci-fi show, “Doctor Who”. From the first ever regeneration scene to the out-of-nowhere return of the Master(!), did you see these coming? What do you think is the most unexpected moment in “Doctor Who” history?
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  1. Starts watching

    Season 11

    Stops watching

  2. WAIT, revealing Tom Baker as the Curator SHOULD have been #1, or at least in the Honorable Mentions.

  3. But the sixth doctor didn't push him into the acid pit he fell

  4. Ya know, I never thought about it before, but… in The Time of the Doctor they acknowledged that Matt Smith shouldn't have any regenerations left until they spot him some new ones at the end of the episode. So what the hell was he doing back in season 6, (supposedly) regenerating out by the lake without any regenerations left?

  5. Gallifrey's survival wasn't a shock, at least not at that point. It had been revealed several years prior, in the special The End of Time that Gallifrey still existed

  6. Definitely agree with most of this list especially utopia, loved that episode, but there are so many equally great huge moments that there’s no way they could all fit in a list of 10
    Davros is the kid in the beginning of series 9?
    The ending triple hit plot twist at the end of Heaven Sent? Time Loop/Gallifrey/The Hybrid?
    The melody regeneration scene at the end of Day of the Moon?
    Missy is the Master?
    John Simm’s return in series 10?
    Bill getting shot in World Enough and Time?
    Clara’s Death in Face the Raven?
    Tom Baker in Day of the Doctor?
    Wilf being the one who knocks 4 times?
    Rose’s cameo in Partners in Crime?


  8. I am going to guess that who ever made this vid dose not watch Doctor Who much, but the Master was supposed to be dead before the Time War, the 8th Doctor was taking his body someplace. Unless they did not watched the movie.

  9. What about when Donna Noble tells some random blonde woman on the street that her car keys are in the bin? Then the woman turns around…

  10. Dr Who one of my all time favorite sci fi series- ingenious to have him regenerate and introduce a new actor kept the series fresh – as each actor bought his ow twist to the role the core never changed 🥰

  11. No, we didn’t have to wait a week because they put major spoilers in the “next week on Doctor Who” at the end of the episode, which pissed off a LOT of fans. I remember yelling at my TV screen “Are you f-ing KIDDING ME???”

  12. Why does it sound like you are in a well about 3:45 in?

  13. The most unexpected thing with Doctor Who is how much season 11 sucks given how good the series was up to that point. It's probably the only season of a popular tv show I rate worse than season 8 of Game of Thrones.

  14. 10:26 The Doctor had died on screen more times than most fictional characters…
    Dean Winchester laughs at you

  15. For me, David Tennant leaving the show, simply the best..

  16. How is the ending of army of ghosts not on here

  17. 11 shouldnt have been able to regenerate at that point at all, I know its because there was no such thing as the war doctor yet so he would have still had a regeneration but I mean you'd think they would've planned that ahead. But nahhh. And now it just makes it really weird

  18. Oh that’s his name! I always thought she was saying “Tim Shaw” and I thought that’s a really lame bad guy name…

  19. When people thought the war doctor was the 12th doctor only to find out he was the 8th

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