Top 10 Unanswered Questions in Doctor Who

Less like Doctor Who and more like Doctor What the Heck Happened There? For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the burning questions that every “Doctor Who” fan needs answers for… Whether it’s narrative twists, unresolved storylines, apparently glaring plot-holes or definitely under-developed character arcs… these are the loose ends we all need to see tied up!

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  1. The doctors name is Thete

  2. Not even mentioning how 11 was going to regenerate at Lake Silencio?

  3. The worst bit of Jenny is that the Doctor married his Daughter.

  4. The fact Clara scattered herself across the Doctors timeline means there will always be a version of Clara as long as the doctor exist.

  5. Theory Doctors daughter Genny is Susan Foremans Mother (insert time machine here) The Master under a earlier generation of himself worked for the Prez. of Gallifrey and knowing thru his own time travels who Genny was and who Susan would be in relation to the Doctor and because he didn't want his friend and rival breaking the law and leaving Gallifrey without permission tried to stop the Doctor from leaving and ends up killing Genny in the process, maybe by that time she had regenerated so with different versions of themselves on Gallifrey at the same time and the Doctor being a little slow catching on at the time usually the last minute. The Doctor sick from what his friend did takes Susan and leaves running into Clara of course when they are in the process of stealing the Tardis.

  6. The doctor probably can't see Amy and Rory again because he can't be bothered to walk very far

  7. The River Song one is easy. She has no idea which one he is. Could be the first one, less than 100 years old, for all she knows.

    Orson Pink though. That one keeps me up at night.

  8. The time war was sparked in Genesis of the Daleks during the 4th Doctors incarnation.

  9. In the episode A Good Man Goes to War in Season 6, Captain Jack was set to return and shown being beheaded by the monks. John Barrowman was unavailable to make the filming dates unfortunately so this cameo/closure never came.

  10. BBC needs to get Michael sheen to be the doctor!

  11. re: the doctors real name. i imagine them revealing it would have the same hype and same let down as macgyvers name being "angus"

    jenny wont return. the new show runners like to avoid using characters the previous show runners created. i have no proof of this, but thats what it looks like just from watching the show

  12. My question is what is Boe? I guess I understand who boe is (Captain Jack) but no one has ever mentioned what it actually is.

  13. A lot of my family members, when Doctor Who came out, were asked if we where related to Jack.

  14. I guess jenny will be saying mommy now

  15. I know it's not but what if the doctors name was pi? There's a movie called pi where this guy figured out the actual number for pi and it was like 50,000 numbers long, yes I'm sure it's really longer I've heard it doesn't actually end but it was a movie. So in the movie people keep trying to abduct him because they want it for different reasons. One is they believe it's the true name of god, like 1 is a 2 is b and so on, and if they say it something would happen. So what if the doctors true name was that long and that's why he never tells anyone because they would die before he finished lol.

  16. The Answers

    1) It gives the Doctor some mystery.
    2) It used a perception filter.
    3) Probably not.
    4) Danny's long lost cousin's descendant.
    5) Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.
    6) Yes.
    7) The Reapers only appeared because Rose erased a previous versison of her and the Doctor which didn't happen again.
    8) They always meet in the wrong order.
    9) Changes need time to cement in place.
    10) The Daleks attacked Gallifrey and the Time Lords attacked back and so on and so forth until the Doctor ended it all.

  17. Fun fact: the actor who played the doctor's daughter is the actual daughter of Peter Davidson who layer married David Tennant. Complicated timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff

  18. 10) I can't believe they did not went with 'the question that MUST not be answered' instead of WILL 🙁 And there is that misconception about Doctor's name crating tear in space and time… No, it does not! It was just a safeword for Time Lords that they can go through the existing tear without any problem or enemies nearby.
    7) There 2 more probable explanation than Moffat's – 1st is that the timeline had change, 2nd is that the Clara is pregnant and her pulse will come back just in time for baby to grow and be born… and then Time Lords will put her back into her proper timeline.
    4) Reapers might come in in the places of very big changes… Evelyn did corrected timeline herself and her death was not even a minor ripple. Fixed point was basically still a fix point. The change that there was was inconsequential. Then the Lake Silentio – there was no paradox, all of time was happening at the same time but then the time move forward with the 'death' of Doctor. SO basically there was no "time" for reapers to feed on. The big question is though – in what manner Rose's paradox different than other paradoxes?
    3) It is even more bugging when you are led to believe that she was on a date with Doctors 1-9… even if they met in wrong order…
    q) Time War was explained in the books and comics.

  19. how did Clara read gallifreyan? i don't remember when it was but at some point she read the doctors name in gallifreyan in one corner of a book.

  20. One question:

    Tasha Lem ????

  21. Well the doctors name is Megan, actually

  22. did you know that [jenny ]is david tenants wife in real life

  23. there is a lot more questions than 10 afterall there is 11 seires with like 20 episodes in each seiries


  25. They kind of screwed themselves with the who name thing cause they can’t just go and say oh yeah his real name is frank or something so the day they use his actual name is well a bad day

  26. I definitely thought "Doctor who?" would be number one, or at least higher than it was on the list, it's the most important unanswered question in the series. Although the answer should never come about in the series, it just seems like the most influential question in this list, everything else is just unanswered plot holes, "Doctor who?" is the crux of the entire series.

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