Top 10 UFC fights that need to happen in 2020…


Chael Sonnen breaks down his top 10 fights that need to happen in 2020.

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  1. Chael turn some lights in that room boy

  2. I'd love to see McGregor vs Zabit, St.Pierre vs Khabib, Diaz vs Covington.

  3. add weidman vs silva 3 to this list. they both need the win. they both want to settle the what ifs.

  4. Chael, you're on a role with this one brother

  5. I would like to see Cormier vs Ngannou

  6. Aldo vs cejudo . Colby vs woodley . Till va adesanya . Bones vs stipe or dc at heavy weight . Khabib vs mcgregor 2 after kahbib vs Ferguson . Ferguson vs Halloway

  7. Honourable mentions:

    Cejudo v. Figueiredo
    Stipe v. DC III
    Nunes v. GDR II
    Holloway v. Volkanovski
    Zabit v. Yair
    Weili v. Rose
    Usman v. Covington v. Ponzinibbio
    Jon v. Johnny
    Adesanya v. Costa
    Whittaker v. Cannonier

  8. Nick Diaz and George St. Pierre …"Where you at George?"

  9. 7:53 to 7:57

    Raise the volume to the highest

    Who was that???????
    And what was said ????

  10. Dan had a big right hand and never quit in a fight.

    Rumble has power and has quit in a fight 6 times.

    If rumble can’t ko you. He literally rolls over and gives up a rnc.

    He said he doesn’t have the heart to be a fughter. Yeah I know. You quit a lot.

  11. I got 10 good ones not listed by uncle chael, Nate vs connor 3, cormier vs miocic 3, cejudo vs edgar, whitaker vs gastelum, izzy vs costa, romero vs jared canonier, hooker vs poirier, cormier vs jones at hw, cruz vs edgar, reyes vs Walker.

  12. Chael vs Schaub 2020

  13. Amanda is having trouble dropping to 135 no way

  14. All lame honestly except donald vs hooker

  15. GSP WILL WASH KHABIB, GSP Beats Khabib bad & Khabib will never be the same after GSP just manhandles him …. that matchup will get Khabib wrecked

  16. I agree with Ferg vs khabib as #1, but I really don't care to see gsp vs khabib at all. Would much prefer askren vs khabib or askren vs gsp. I felt robbed when Nick Diaz vs masvidal fell apart and Nate vs masvidal feels next best thing. Hoping masvidal wins and brings Nick back for revenge.

  17. LMAO Rumble? Last I saw he was literally rolling around 300 lbs.

  18. Rumble Vs Ngannou is all but confirmed really

  19. 1) Khabib v Tony
    2) Stipe vs DC
    3) Jones v winner of Stipe/DC
    4) Conor v Cowboy
    5) Anthony Johnson v Jones
    6) Rose v Zhang
    7) Masvidal v Covington
    8) Weidman v Rockhold
    9) Aldo v Cejudo
    10) Cody v Cruz 2

  20. I could care less about Conor Mcgregor. I want Gaethe vs Khabib

  21. Don't think Amanda Nunes can make 125 .

  22. They gotta do Shevchenko v Nunes at Bantamweight, no way Nunes can make 125. Thanks for the great video!

  23. Jones already fought Dan Henderson outside ufc.

  24. If diaz convincingly wins surely you could drop masvidal from the list well maybe drop the Covington fight to 10

  25. Masvidal – covington needs to happen.

  26. Shevchenko won her last fight vs nunes, she didn’t get the decision but everyone knows she won

  27. Rumble doesnt get taken down even tho he lost 2 title fights getting taken down 😂

  28. Surprised you did not say Zhang Weili vs post Op Cejudo

  29. I do not believe Amanda can go down to 125. She is 5'8".

  30. Chael over thinks everything. It’s as if he fears being outed as dumb, so he bullshits and complicates his analysis to sound smart, but everything he says is totally off base. It stopped surprising me how often Chael is wrong or how often I totally disagree with him.

    He’s like the MMA hipster. Always going with some unheard of opinion just because it makes him sound different and deep. Chael Hipsten.

  31. have you heard about a kid named Ken Criswell that's supposed to be a total BAD ASS!!! As in as good if not better then conner? I heard he turned ufc down. why I no idea unless hes holding out for good money. who knows….I'd love to see what all the hype is about. Big talk comparing him to conner…lol. Hes supp to be a great talker like you…lol. see what you can find out and let us know what's up with this kid…

  32. Don’t know about #9 my fine sir

  33. Plz god make this fight happen at 5th tim3

  34. Masvidal is a scrub bitch.. Stop sucking him off.

  35. i highly doubt nunes can make 125

  36. Some of these already happened and need to happen again some are already going to happen some will never happen.

    Diaz vs Ferguson
    Maia vs Askren
    Ngannou vs Rumble
    Ngannou vs Lewis 2
    Jones vs Adesanya
    Costa vs Adesanya
    Covington vs Masvidal
    Usman vs Covington
    Gaejthe vs Ferguson
    Thompson vs Adesanya
    Zabit vs Yair
    Zabit vs Holloway
    Stephens vs Volcanovski
    Cruz vs Cejudo
    Smith vs Reyes
    Walker vs Jones
    Costa vs Cannonier
    Romero vs Whittaker 3
    Diaz vs Mcgregor for BMF Belt
    Masvidal vs Mcgregor for BMF
    Khabib vs Ortega
    Khabib vs Maia
    Khabib vs Askren
    Khabib vs Usman
    Khabib vs GSP
    GSP vs Usman
    GSP vs Covington
    GSP vs Mcgregor
    GSP vs Adesanya
    GSP vs Anderson
    GSP vs Maia
    GSP vs Askren
    GSP vs Woodley
    GSP vs Lawler

    These last few i just wanna see you know who get knocked out

    Hardy vs Ngannou
    Hardy vs Rumble
    Rockhold vs Rumble
    Weidman vs Rumble
    Rockhold vs Santos
    Weidman vs Santos
    Rockhold vs Smith

  37. I’m ready for Jones vs usada 8

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