Top 10 TV Shows You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

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These are the shows you shouldn’t watch alone… unless you want to be up all night. We’ll be looking at TV shows too scary to watch on your own, lest you become paranoid and spooked. We’re only including fiction on this list, so documentaries, ghost hunting shows, and reality shows like “Unsolved Mysteries” won’t be included (however spooky they may be). WatchMojo ranks the shows you shouldn’t watch alone. Which show do you think is best to watch with a friend? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. For more great entertainment go to Watch and taste some of your favorite shows.

  2. The 2020 Democratic debates

  3. 4 AHS ! at its best it might catch 10 not 4

  4. 2:04 Ghost: SHUT THE HELL UP!

  5. This is my first time seeing Rebecca's face, and I had no idea she would be so lovely

  6. I was hoping slasher was on the list, it's one of the scariest shows I've watched. I had to see it in broad daylight.

  7. What about Paranormal Witness?

  8. I like how the walking dead isn’t these kinds of lists anymore. Shows just how far the show has fallen.

  9. seriously? the strain?

  10. definitely gonna watch these on my own

  11. Hahaha. Oh you guys and girls. Be brave and watch alone. Number one should be the TV show Evil. It is at times fresh, gory and terrifying-especially with that scene of the baby in the swimming pool. Watch that alone and you WILL stay up all night.

  12. Wheres Marianne at? That shit was way scarier than any of these shows

  13. Top 10 tv shows you shouldn't watch alone so you do think that twd is in this c,Mon there are freaking zombies in it so you definitely shouldn't watch it alone if your not prepared for it it has blood gory and amazing characters

  14. Some of this is pretty tame shit…..

  15. The new season of American Horror story 1984 is good

  16. The Strain was awful in my opinion.

  17. Hannibal is not scary lmfao. Granted it's gory and dark but not scary. I generally avoid scary movie and tv show because I'm a jumpy kitty but Hannibal was the natural choice and a joy to watch after I completed the extremely 8th season of Dexter

  18. 1:17 it was really bad one

  19. 😂😂 The hill house avoids cheap jumpscares Five second later

  20. The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt. Monsters,Charmed, Criminal Minds should have all gotten honorable mention at least.

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