Some TV shows follow a formula, but these are TV shows that completely changed their premise. We’ll be looking at the shows whose initial premise did not last, leading to dramatic changes in their presentation, setting, or plot – sometimes more than once. We can’t believe how these series underwent such drastic metamorphoses. WatchMojo ranks the TV shows that completely changed their premise. Do you think these changes were for better or for worse? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups Reply

    Baywatch Nights ? I stopped watching the list after 🤮

  2. Carolina Fernández Reply

    Ughhh I hate the last 3 seasons of Archer. Please someone wake him up 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Michael Adams Reply

    "Baywatch Nights'" cancellation is a crime against entertainment; the switch to the paranormal storylines transformed an objectively bad show to schlock gold.

  4. I'd watch much more series if they were not all full of fluff filing, stretching them only for money…

  5. TonyLikeGames2 Reply

    The show, Cursed, changed so much that even the title changed to The Weber Show.

  6. Some of these shows had to take a dramatic turn in order to fit with what was going on. Agents of Shield was a filler in between the MCU movies so with Captain America the Winter Solider showing all the aspects about Hydra AOS took the change because they had to. Season 4 is still the best season ever and season 5 of them going into space was a interesting take on the season. Archer had to change because of ISIS now being well known so they change their premise. At first I didn't like it but then after watching it a few times I love the way they went. Season 10 was a visual spectacular season. If they had one more episode in the season I would be satisfied with how it ended. I am interested to see what they are going to do for the 11th season,

  7. TheAshleyness Reply

    This list makes a point with the shows where one character took over and changed the course of the show but other than that this list is dumb. What else is a show supposed to do? Remain the same for 4+ seasons??? Also the Good Place being first, or on this list at all makes no sense. That shows storyline makes sense. Nothing they’ve done is inconceivable.

  8. You forgot another series that was taken over by one of the characters, "Good Times." It was a spinoff of Esther Rolle's character, Florida Evans, from the popular "Maude," Bea Arthur's vehicle. It was supposed to be a working class African American seriocomedy, set mostly in the family's apartment in the Chicago Projects, though the scripts didn't quite make it from the African-American viewpoint. After Rolle and John Amos, who played her husband James Evans, Sr., added their knowledge, it became more realistic—except that, as with Henry Winkler's "Fonzie," the writers started slanting the show toward the Evans's eldest son, "JJ (James Evans, Jr.)", played by Jimmie Walker. John Amos's character was killed off in the third season because of conflict with Norman Lear, the producer, and Esther Rolle left after the fourth season because she thought Walker's character was a bad role model. (She also claimed the stress of his antics gave her an ulcer.) Effectively it became "The JJ Show," just as Fonzie and Urkle took over their shows.

  9. Jason Mistretta Reply

    While the premise changed on Alias, Prison Break, & Fringe they were all able to at least stay the course to finish the stories. As a viewer, I really appreciated getting the conclusions to the story even if they endings weren't the original designed endings.

  10. who's the boss and the nanny. once the housekeeping began dating their employer, the premise was over.
    ballers-initially about a financial manager to the football players. series ended with the protagonist OWNING THE KC CHIEFS.

  11. one of the reasons archer changed its premise was due to the spy agency's name, ISIS.

  12. After Stupid Show Reply

    The Doris Day show was about a widowed mother with 2 children. In the second season she was a single never married woman.

  13. I'm just glad that Agents of Shield is getting some recognition, I love that show!! 🙌🙌

  14. Resident Evil Lore Indonesia Reply

    Agents of SHIELD. From a group of ragtag agents handling "normal" cases to fighting alongside a flame headed demon, trapped in a VR, time travel, and fighting a race of parasitic alien that basically turns the host into a mindless zombie.

    With Season 7 as it's last season, I hope they prepare something crazier than previous seasons

  15. It's funny I got into Family Matters when Steve Urkel showed up when I was young. So I am enlightened to know that it wasn't always about him. Also I didn't realize Agents of Shield is part of the MCU. I kinda sorta assumed it was like Daredevil or the defenders. Guess I gotta watch it. And it's pretty obvious that it's before Avengers cuz Agent Coulson

  16. My favorites from this list:
    – Agents if S.H.I.E.L.D
    – Archer
    – The Good Place

  17. Luis Morales Reply

    Family Matters. It was supposed to be about the Winslow family, then it became the Steve Irkel Show.

  18. Wow, I'm shocked LOST didn't make the list. I guess technically the premise was still "we need to get off the island", but each season was drastically different as far as the years arc. One minute they're simply stranded, then they're uncovering a conspiracy, traveling through time…it was tough to keep up with sometimes.

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