Top 10 TV Shows That Aged Badly

It’s hard to believe we used to never miss an episode of these TV shows that are unwatcable with age. we’re taking a look at various older TV shows that are difficult to watch now due to their acting, directing, or production values. To be clear, we aren’t saying that these shows are BAD – in fact, some of them are absolute classics, but even the classics can age poorly. WatchMojo ranks the shows that are unwatchable with age. What show do you think hasn’t aged well? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. #1 should be Batman '66
    #2 Original Star Trek
    #3 Miami Vice

    Honorable mention "The Blue and the Gray".

  2. How the hell did MacGyver not even get an honorable?

  3. Yeah this list and arguments were dumb and I actually like watchmojo and Msmojo!

  4. Hey hey hey! Everybody loves Raymond is still hilarious today.

  5. Hot Tip: 7th Heaven was always douchy and creepy.

  6. Whoever made this list clearly isn't married or have kids. They may be dated but a lot of these shows are still relatable

  7. I’ve always thought Full House was over the top saccharine sweet. I hated that show even when it was popular.

  8. I haven’t watched the list yet but I’m convinced that YouTube can now read my thoughts; I was just thinking about this yesterday whilst driving and more specifically about the old show Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks and about the over sensitive PC culture we now live in.
    EDIT: now I’ll watch and will be amazed if Bosom Buddies is actually on this list. Highly doubt it

  9. Funny thing is I'm watch Walker Texas Ranger at the moment and still love it

  10. This list won't age well, not sure what the point was, all the classic shows u liked in the 80s and 90s, outdated sorry… I still watch everybody loves raymond, if it still entertains its not outdated

  11. No series from the 1950s, '60s or '70s? So many of those shows are downright painful to watch nowadays!

  12. home improvement is still good. i agree with the rest though, hell most of them were shit when they were new.

  13. So Watch Mojo goes out of its way to mention the sexual assault ALLEGATIONS (because the vast majority of the evidence was circumstantial) against Bill Cosby, but makes no mention of Stephen Collins’ SEXUAL ABUSE of UNDERAGE GIRLS?? (Which he confessed to in a People magazine article. Please check it out here: The racial double standard exhibited by the hackfest that is Watch Mojo, the mainstream media, and mainstream media’s patrons couldn’t be more obvious! Tell me: Where are the calls for Stephen Collins’ prosecution?

  14. Yeah this list is mostly just bashing original and innovative shows that other shows try to copy cat so now they are "formulaic or unoriginal"

  15. So this list is pretty much the TV Tropes page "Seinfeld is unfunny"

  16. Zach Morris is Traaaash 🎼

  17. Question@watchmojo, how come no mention of the pedophilia accusations against the father from 7th heaven?

  18. Would've thought "Married…With Children" made the list. With it's force plot and sexual jokes

  19. What about The Dukes of Hazzard?

    A man and his car go from town to town solving problems, beating up bad guys, and sleeping with hot women.

  21. Most TV shows age badly. Better make a top 10 list of TV shows that DIDN'T age (too) badly: here's mine
    Fawlty Towers
    All In The Family
    Married With Children
    Eerie Indiana
    Star Trek TNG
    Deep Space 9
    Space: Above and Beyond

  22. No hogans heroes 60s Batman or original Charlie's Angels?!?!

  23. No one in the world can convince me that these shows are bad, especially The A-Team. Nothing beats the classics.

  24. I'm calling #1 as The Cosby Show.

  25. Rather watch reruns of some of these shows than listening to some smarmy, self opinionated whiny millenial hanging shit on them. Hate to see what her recommendations are!

  26. Baywatch is still OK 😋🤤

  27. How dare you say the A-team is dated and corny! Up yours MOJO!

  28. One word: "Dallas." (The Prosecution rests your honor).

  29. So am I to extrapolate from this video that wholesome=unwatchable? We honestly could use a bit more of that nowadays.

  30. These shows aged badly by episode 2

  31. Several of the picks are not only no longer watchable (saved by the bell, walker & Full house) but were unbearable even then. However several of the picks are no longer "watchable" only because the P.C. police say so. I personally think the Cosbys is still just as good as I did then while still liking modern shows like GOT and Boardwalk empire. This is why P.C. saturated movies (Last Jedi, Black Panther and the like) always rate near perfect ratings from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes but just Meh to crappy ratings from fans.

  32. Its amazing how the sexual assault allegations of Bill Cosby was brought up as a reason why the Cosby Show aged badly but there was ABSOLUTELY no mention of the Pedophilia allegations brought up against the dad from 7th heaven. Both deplorable. Both causes of each show aging badly. Both worth mentioning.

  33. Home improvement was awesome and eventually gave us the awesome show last man standing.

  34. I never could like nor even enjoy most of these shows. Not only has Saved By The Bell aged badly, but so has the cast themselves.

  35. I don't think 7th Heaven and Dawson's creek should be singled out, a lot of CW's 90 shows have not aged well, Party of 5 anyone?

  36. KITT is still awesome in my eyes, and the true star of the show. Acting admittedly was very poor, but the car is gorgeous to look at and will always be badass.

  37. Umm….Degrassi Junior High???

  38. Some of us love tv cheese

  39. Even back then I found Full house terrible..

  40. Very poorly researched video

  41. Bro, "Walker," was behind the times when it was originally broadcast. Like, Chuck Lorre, & Dick Wolfe show's today.

  42. To say full house has not aged well I dont agree with. In fact it became more popular then its first run in reruns years after it aired its final episode. Fuller house updated the show but it still has that cheesy family core.

  43. Umm I think these aged well

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