Top 10 Times the Crazy Guy Was Right in Film

There was method in their madness. For this list, we’re looking at movie characters thought to be crazy, who actually have it right all along. After all, it’s not paranoia if it’s true! Just ask Charlie Frost in “2012” (2009), Sarah Connor in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991), Russell Casse in “Independence Day” (1996), and the other characters in our list! Which character’s warnings do YOU think could have saved everyone the most trouble? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. uhhhh Hello!!! Bird box!!!

  2. I was really expecting the crazy school janitor that played dumb in disturbing behavior but knew what was really going on to be on this list and sadly didn't even get an honorable mention smh

  3. When you have to double check that The Truman Show is over 20 years old now…

  4. Not a bad list, but Crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th should be here.

  5. Not sure if this counts since it's kinda tropy, but the former ex-Nasa guy in the first Species movies is another one

  6. I already know one 10 cloverfield

  7. you forgot Jeff Bridges from "Arlington Road". Probably the best "I wasn't crazy" reveal.

  8. No Heath Ledger Joker?! No Jack Nicholson- The Shining?! No Gary Oldman – The Professional?!

  9. where's crazy ralph from fri the 13th

  10. Michael Faraday in Arlington Road?

  11. The Joker – The Dark Knight

  12. What about homer’s dad in the simpsons movie

  13. Thought number 1 was the dude from soylent green

  14. Why all these guys sound like hippies or Frank Gallagher??? Lol

  15. Dark City is a very underrated flick.

  16. when ur running out of ideas

  17. Always made me laugh that people kept thinking Russell Casse was crazy in Independence Day for saying he was abducted by aliens…. even though there's literal aliens attacking the earth at that very moment.

  18. ford's dad in godzilla not on the list?

  19. The most awesome thing about Russel Case's character was that even after he's proven right, people still roll their eyes when he talks about it…like he's crazy.

  20. Mitch (Big Short) "No your not pulling out !!". Client "I WANT MY MONEY U F–KER !!". Mitch "Then wait for it, it pay off so long as stay with me & right now you'll make more money than with against my firm the housing market will fall I am right". Ben "Shut up the pair of u both sold the markets of people who may lose everything bet u did know that when 1% goes up in poverty 40 thousand people die??"

  21. One that comes to mind for me is "Revolutionary Road"

  22. Come on….The Burbs!!!! The crazy neighbors killing in their house.

  23. Usually when there's a crazy person warning the main characters about bad shit about to happen, they're right

  24. I was happy to see Independence Day at #1 even though I expected it to be an honorable mention. I think that the true art of the character and writing in this film is that even during the breifing for the final battle, this guy still sounds nuts. It's just good storytelling.

  25. What about the mentally handicapped guy from Cube?

  26. 2012 is still one of my favourite disaster movies of all time, it's such a genuine blast to watch 😀

  27. No Crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th? This list is bullshit.

  28. You forgot Joker from Ddark Knight. He was right about when people dont need Batman anymore they will hunt him. He was right about Harvey and He was right about pretty much everything.

  29. The Big Short is my #2 favorite movie. I just wanted to say that. I've also read the book 8 times. I also work in finance, so…

  30. Sarah Connor wasn't in a maximum security prison, she was in a mental institution, huge difference between the two….

  31. The Simpsons Movie.
    “That crazy old man in church was right.”

  32. What about the guy from the happening?

  33. How did Arlington road not even get a mention?

  34. Here's a spin-off idea for a list: Top 10 Times the Crazy Guy was right in reality!

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