Top 10 Times Shows Changed Due to Fan Hate

In an era of the internet, we can think of many TV shows that got changed due to backlash. We’re taking a look at TV shows that got altered due to some issue with the content or with the actors themselves. Don’t like it? Well, there’s a backlash for that! WatchMojo ranks the TV shows that got changed due backlash. Do you think these changes were for the best or the worse? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. some of these shows did not change due to fan hate. its either due to concern parents and censorship from the government

  2. Good voice over…….

  3. 5:05 And I thought Ramsey was the most evil role Iwan could play…

  4. If you see a millennial, punch them

  5. Whats wrong with Apu

  6. I'm surprised south Park isnt on the list

  7. So Roseanne Barr is Ashkenazi Jewish. But when other Ashkenazi Jewish say wayyyy! worse nothing is done. Even to their own people.

  8. The Truth initiative is nothing more than an autistic Boomer anti-smoking campaign filled with people who belong to r/fellowkids-

  9. Let's he, is friends with Paul McCartney, father of quintuplets,and won a Grammy, (Retconned) Apu never had it so good.

  10. I miss the 90's, when the world wasn't so PC

  11. Please stop the whining!!! You’re Not allowed to say or show anything anymore. Damn!!!!

  12. SImpsons should change nothing about Apu. He's a great guy in the show and probably the best example of a genuine man the show has ever produced. He's a good father, husband and business owner. To change him would be insulting. People being sensitive about the accent and the kids thing is silly, grow up.

  13. Whatever happened to free speech????

  14. Hey I’m Mexican and I don’t bitch about Bumble Bee 🐝 Man.

  15. People smoke and usually start at a young age… get over it 😂

  16. Season 6 house of cards sucked

  17. Why not just call this list how sjws ruin television.

  18. Game of Thrones was rated as an ADULT grimdark fantasy show set in a gritty medieval inspired world, if you don't like how violent and gory it is then why would you watch it in the first place????? This is exactly why we rarely have good R Rated stuff anymore…

  19. Say what you will, House of Cards sucked without Spacey. Also "oh no tobacco use in Stranger Things" it takes place in the 80s smoking was way more normalized back then. Also Michael Jackson had bleached skin!!! He looked white!!!! Good lord the lengths people go to just to be offended

  20. it's funny… Apu is a bad potrait of an indian american person…. but Gunter is a totally fine characterization of a German / switzerland kid (fat, bad english, loves chocolade and always wears Lederhose) sorry that's bullshit
    I mean i KNOW that we Germans will always be the Nazis in US TV shows / cinema / comedy. We only drink beer and eat Wurst, we all wear Lederhosen (which is kinda stupid since this is only a "Bavarian" thing in the south but hey ok) …. but APU is BAD … yeah … okay

  21. Micheal Jackson cannot be played by a white actor. But we have to accept a black Johnny storm?

  22. Go back to writing the list in the description holy shit guys . Come on

  23. I’m a considerate smoker. I never litter and always stay away from other people when I smoke, and it doesn’t seem to matter. I still have people go out of there way to hassle me. This anti smoking campaign would have made the fuhrer proud.

  24. I never watch these kind of shows

  25. Can we change this video? The number one show HASN'T CHANGED at all… so why is it on the list?

  26. Who tf complains about smoking ffs soft ass generation

  27. Anyone watch "house of cards" after Spacey was out? Na….didn't think so

  28. So hypocritical that you can’t make fun of Muslims or hindis but it’s ok to make fun of Jesus. So wrong.

  29. I think everyone one of these networks, production companies, or executives that caved in are a bunch of pussies

  30. Watch Mojo needs less commentary and more video.

  31. “Fan hate” dude in the thumbnail is a pedophile…

  32. I think it's hilarious that they got rid of an actor who was accused of sexually harassing people who played the president and there's an actual president in Washington right now who is still in power who is accused of sexually harassing people lol.

  33. It's wacist for indians to come here, start a retail business, become successful and send their kids to college didn't ya know that? WTF is so terrible about indians owning mini-mart businesses in the first place? Would you rather they not own a business at all?

  34. Netflix shouldn't even listen to these sensitive critics its considered a premium channel, they're allowed to show whatever the fuck they want

  35. Don't like it? Don't watch it! Feel offended? Again don't watch it.

  36. Who found apu offensive? The dude cool.

  37. There should have been an outcry against Game of Thrones in season 1!!!!!

  38. Kevin spacey is a great actor

  39. An entire documentary for how "offensive" Apu is? What is wrong with people? Why do they even care? It's not like people will think of Apu when they think of indians every time. Most people mistake Native Americans for Indians. Apu wasn't and still isn't hurting anyone until those guys decided it did. No one had any problems with him. Don't let some crybabies ruin a show that has been on for almost 30 years and has apparently come back from it's slump in recent seasons. The simpsons is an icon, an institution and (back in its hayday) the definition of american comedy. All characters (that are still alive) in springfield need to stay, no matter their flaws.

  40. If you don't like what you see don't watch. Simple. Get a life.

  41. Game of thrones: shows man getting tortured and mutilated and a bunch of other things happen to men
    Crybabies aren't saying anything about it
    Also Crybabies when they see a woman get slapped once in game of thrones: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  42. Companies bending the knee to the 1% what a world we live in.

  43. 13 reasons why? I thought it was sadness simulator 2017

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