Top 10 Times People Were Catfished

Top 10 Times People Were Catfished
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  1. The only catfish I understand is the one we're a guy from Texas was in love with a Hispanic woman whom he occasionally video chatted with. The only problem was the camera was zoomed in to only see her eyes and top of her nose. So he could verify the person was real. She was not willing to talk about some stuff with the guy and said she had a big secret she wanted to tell him. She said she had to share it on Catfish. Well I won't spoil the rest of it….

  2. Why is this video disliked, like I actually want to know what are the reasons of the people who dislike this video

  3. I was catfished 10 years ago when I was 17. Met a guy on a live "guess the drawing" app (I think it was called what-the-doodle.) We bacame friends but it was revealed a few months later he was sending me pics of his friend. Surprisingly, were friends to this day and officially met on my 19th birthday! Great guy just with low self-esteem

  4. "HE'S a trans rap artist who gathered the money loans from HER relatives to send to Kiana" thats a little messed up just sayin…👀

  5. Even though I'm not really into sports. Birdman didn't deserve to have his NBA spot taken away and his name dragged into the dirt.

  6. Catfish Bow Wow the only one I seen give up $10k RACKS. Everybody else is crazy and deranged. That girl deserved every penny of that money!!!

  7. I’ve been catfished recently 😭 he tried to say I ignored him at first so he made a fake account so I would talk to him.

  8. I haven't caught any catfish in the ocean. I dont think they're in the ocean either, but wtf do I know lol

  9. I honestly don't know if I've been catfished but I would feel very important if I've inspired someone to be that creative..

  10. My coworker told me once that I should start to do some catfishing. He said he's probably one of the best at it.
    He said he always get a good catch.

    So I went to the lake with him. Founded out he was full of crap. Lol
    Okay…bad joke. I get it.

  11. If you prefer the piercing gun, unprofessional piercing and the spread of preventable infectious diseases you’re disguising and I’m ashamed to watch this channel anymore. Vile.

    Piercing guns use blunt force trauma- essentially, pushing a dull earring through the tissue. A needle cuts clean and is JUST as quick as a piercing gun. If you cut a steak do you use a dull knife to crush or a sharp knife to cut?

  12. Catfish live in the ocean?

  13. How can you date someone you've never met… Like seriously.

  14. you all talk the same, same pitch and emphases, you all talk fast and share the same gestures. CLONE CITY?

  15. I feel like I've just been catfished. Where is Charlotte Dobre?

  16. How is the tall hot blonde case not on here? It ended in a murder because a mother was sending nudes and panties of her daughter.

  17. Who else went straight to the comments?

  18. Wanna talk catfishing???. How about what you did to get views?. Shady. Unsubbed as fast as I subbed. Oh yeah, it’s MA-LIGG-NANT.

  19. Damn @ # 1 sheesh 😯

    Anyways back in the Wild West days of the internet i was 19 , it was 2001 when I found out my little sister’s friend had basically stolen all of my online pictures and was using them to catch older men on a party line called LAVA line?? (Is that right??) Or something like that. She would talk to them then send photos online. It was a hot mess and I was really upset about it. But now it’s a pretty funny story to look back on.

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