Top 10 Times Nickelodeon Shows Made NO Sense

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Looking back, there were a lot of times Nickelodeon shows made no sense. We’re looking at the various times our favorite Nicktoons and shows may have thrown all logic out the window. Even for a nonsensical network like Nickelodeon, these plot holes don’t make much sense. MsMojo ranks the times Nickelodeon shows made no sense. What else never made sense about Nickelodeon shows? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 'Are you Afraid of the Dark' is still one of my faves. Cheesy af, but so good for my 7 year-old horror-loving soul. I'll always remember the episode about the pinball machine at the mall… That and Goosebumps… Maybe that's why I grew up liking creepy things and ended up working in a field dealing with 'creepy stuff'.

  2. No sense is better sense

  3. Spongebob isn’t really supposed to be a kitchen sponge. He is a sea sponge designed to look like a kitchen sponge. Get it now?

  4. Water physics? I've stop questioning the part of spongebob

  5. What about Another Top 10 Times Nickelodeon Shows Made NO Sense (Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues and You, The Casagrandes, The Loud House, etc.)?

  6. Timmy also has (And I forget the validity of this) neglectful parents

  7. It's just a show, I should really just relax

  8. I was so young when I watched Jimmy Neutron that I didnt even realize that theory lol

  9. cousin skeeter was a good show

  10. Angelica actually shown horrified remose for her actions in that episode

  11. 8:40 no, he has idiot parents in addition to that. Get your facts right 🙄

  12. Don’t forget Dorra is speaking to herself while running around the jungle…..can you say “koo koo.”

  13. I swear Spongebob was crazy I mean fire under water , Spongebob piloting a plane, and driving the party wagon but can't get a driver's license

  14. These are shows for kids pretty sure the audience is all that interested of the physics of what they are watching

  15. I’ve always wondered how the hell can a gorilla ride a cow underwater?

  16. You do realize that these are cartoons and thus are predisposed to making no sense….right?

  17. Timmy Turner deserves fairies he has to deal with Vicky the evil babysitter and his parents are oblivious about Vicky.

  18. On the invader Zim thing isn’t that every cartoon

  19. Wasn't number10 technically Chucky's dream?
    Number3 His parents are also pretty neglectful and don't believe him about Vicky, and his teacher is actually evil

  20. Regarding Danny Phantom's concept, I have a feeling the portal's energies simply infused his human anatomy with ectoplasmic energies; thus causing him to become "mutated" into a ghost/human hybrid

  21. Maybe Jimmy Neutron characters can breathe in space because they have secretly gem DNA like in Steve Universe. XD

  22. No nick jr shows allowed, too improper.

  23. Danny Phantom, he died between worlds. Half in the ghost zone (the opposite dimension of the human world) and half in the human world. Meaning he died in the ghost zone and human zone while in the portal. He died in two places opposite each other!

  24. This is my favorite episode of Rugrats!

  25. One thing I never got as a kid was that Tootie never got godparents considering how god awful her sister is and how useless her parents are. Also, Butch Hartman said only some of the ghost are the ghosts of people who died while some of the ghosts were just beings from another dimension.

  26. Cousin skeeter was wild af. I thought I was the only one who remembered it

  27. I actually have a theory about dora…

  28. What about the talking inanimated objects in Blue's Clues?

  29. Can someone explain to me what's wrong with Josh and Mindy's relationship? They are one of the more healthy relationships in Nickelodeon live action shows

  30. There is sometimes a explanation to nonsense in cartoons that give them sense
    Danny Phantom: ghost plazma merged with Danny's human DNA creating a human-ghost hybrid
    Jimmy Neutron: he made a liquid substance that grants you ability to breath in space and snook it up in his friends food without them knowing
    There is SOMETIMES a explanation

  31. 9:58 ooooooooohhhhhh

  32. Wait so dora basically a American version of ash because both wander the world while their parent

  33. Msmojo: you can't be half dead and half alive 4:30

    Vampires: excuse me

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