Top 10 Times British Celebs Caused CHAOS On US Talk Shows

They came. They saw. And they caused total pandemonium! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the craziest examples of British celebs appearing on US talk shows. Whether it’s Helen Mirren smooching Stephen Colbert, Gordon Ramsay fighting fires with James Corden, Daniel Radcliffe rapping the alphabet or Borat vs Letterman… these are some of the most iconic moments in American TV history.

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Check out “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” here!

Check out “The Late, Late Show with James Corden” here!

Check out “Conan” here!

Check out “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” here!

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  1. Couldnt even watch half of this, that guys voice killed me.

  2. well i like u narrator

  3. God stop doing videos with your annoying voice

  4. Come on, most of these people weren't serious

  5. Black Adder changed my life. Edmund!!!

  6. Stopped watching after Bean's chaotic scene.

  7. Sacha Baron Cohen is such an under-rated actor. Just that look and eye brow raise at the end is amazing

  8. All the “host” or “narrator” talk.
    Just edit the clips together.
    No talking needed.
    The clips stand on their own.

  9. fuck sake let them speak

  10. Nope, unwatchable. This guy musta surely lost his voice after sooooo much talking!

  11. Bring on YouTube 2020 when there is an off button for the narrator.

  12. Yak yak yak yak yak!!

  13. Your videos are pathetic. To anyone wanna know what I mean, watch the actual videos.

  14. jeez let the stars talk, why am I listening to this guy

  15. Ever wonder why you have such poor like to dislike ratios on nearly all of your videos? ALL OF THE TITLES ARE INACCURATE. People don't like false advertising. Chaos my sweet anus.

  16. Fucking shit never watching anything by watchmojo again you never seen what the fuck the narrator is talking about!

  17. You really dont have a clue what the fuck the word Chaos means do you?

  18. I agree with others. For the love of god, shut up

  19. Reading the comments seems rather more entertaining

  20. Really hate the commentary

  21. I am lucky because I am British

  22. Anyone else waiting for Oliver Reed to turn up in this and end up slightly disappointed?

  23. Why is that stupid cunt talking over all the videos, we don’t care what you have to say about it

  24. 2:45 Now that's a hot mama!

  25. Steven Colbert is too undereducated and indoctrinated to even held Mr.Bean's hand.

  26. Would have been good if you had allowed us to watch, AND HEAR, the whole thing instead of you talking over everything…

  27. I stopped watching just after the first minute…..we can see what's happening, there's no need to narrate over it.

  28. Daniel Radcliffe was outstanding. No chaos, just a superb performance.

  29. Real CHAOS "Radcliffe raps" ok

  30. Rowan has a huge nose😂

  31. The way the narrator pronounced Adolf 😐

  32. Jesus, stop talking so much.

  33. obviously, you have no experience with actual chaos.

  34. Get a proper job an stop thinking your in showbiz with your shitty narration that ruins the clips

  35. Retitle this to: Ten Times Brits Made An Impression On US Talk Shows.

  36. To much talking,,ruins it

  37. The Morning Joe folks were lucky Brand used humour to deal with their rudeness

  38. Yay u got rid of the annoying voiceover woman!

  39. I find mojo unwatchable now only due to the voice overs..WAY to annoying..I avoid now.

  40. Shut up talking

  41. How you you do a version without the voice over?

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