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In case you didn’t notice, allow us to take you into the unknown with the things you missed in Frozen 2. We’re taking a look at little touches, Easter eggs, and behind-the-scenes details you might’ve missed in this spell-binding sequel. Special thanks to “Frozen 2” animator Justin Sklar for taking the time to speak with us. MsMojo ranks the things you missed in Frozen 2. Was there anything we missed in Frozen 2? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. rey delacruz Reply

    my name is samantha i watched todayi saw the trailer b4 he said samantha i was already blocking my ears

  2. Martin Horowitz Reply

    Anna and Olaf's boat scene is reminiscent of the Maelstrom ride that used to be in Epcot and became the frozen ride,

  3. Animezing Gurl Reply

    i saw the film yesterday and fuckign CACKLED at the leather line, and my sister was frowning at me

  4. Kayleah Dosch Reply

    Me in a school not understanding anything the teacher is saying:

  5. You didnt notice when Olaf did a 4th wall break when he tells us in the musical about getting older that "you guys got a little bit older"
    Please tell me im not the only one who noticed that.

  6. Else’s castle was shown near the start when they were walking to the forest

  7. ΩMoonlight Ω Reply

    Oof, I noticed an adult joke in the film, being when they are on the wagon, and Elsa and Olaf are asleep. Anna says to Kristoff, something along the lines of 'couple things,' I don't remember exactly what she said, followed by puckering up. A little adult humor there, Disney.
    Also, this movie was amazing.

  8. Panic! at the Starkid fan Reply

    I also noticed when Anna and Elsa were playing with the miniature snow village there was an elephant which could br Dumbo

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