Top 10 Things We Pretend to Understand but Don’t
Of course we know what you’re talking about! From cars, to the stock market, to the very convoluded definition of irony, these head scratchers pretty much go over everyone’s heads…so why won’t we admit it?! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things We Pretend to Understand but Don’t.
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#10. How Cars Work
#9. The Stock Market
#8. The Definition of “Irony”
#7. Debt
#6. Social Media
#5. Mortgages
#4. Bitcoin
#3, #2 & #1???
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  1. Joseph Ben-Obasa Reply

    Lol I actually don't really get most of this as well. But I feel sarcasm should be added as well

  2. Mathew Godfrey Reply

    US Presidential Elections, The role of the US Congress, and Socialism should be on here.

  3. Yeah…. I tend to not want to understand Women in general. Cause that leads to questions with even more questions and Now your standing dumbfounded at how either sex can be so irritating to understand, but It’s simple really.

  4. Your modern art joke works better with Pollack or Rothko unless your discussing ready mades.

  5. Matthias Kiefer Reply

    I understand stock markets, debt, mortgages and Cryptocurrencies. Get a Finance PhD!

  6. [REDACTED] Animations Reply

    I know what irony is, it’s hard to explain honestly and that’s not a joke

  7. mickael cordero-villaman Reply

    No one understands the stock market game cause it's on fat dude that pushes a button when he's bored, explains why it goes up or down

  8. Timothy Hills Reply

    Can't say I agree with irony. I use it correctly. Just haven't had to use it other than story writing (Narratives for school, don't look me up, I am not a published author, as if that wasn't obvious)

  9. Women are actually easy to understand: they never know what they want.
    Prove me wrong. I dare you.

  10. Thomas Schafer Reply

    The Banks who were involved in "Subprime" or "Predatory lending " ( which the name itself is completely untrue and misleading) was caused by the government telling lenders they had to do that exact thing. (give people money for houses that they had no way of paying back consistently…for a short time yes but in the long haul…no) because – equality reasons. (because its just not fair that people cant afford things) To compound the issue – the government then bailed out the very corporations that they told needed to perform those dumbass actions. So…manufacturing an issue that made no sense to begin with, being "astonished" when those endevors failed and then bailing out those corporations with tax payer money… ooops – our bad.

  11. Gonçalo Domingues Reply

    Are people that stupid? Most of these are pretty simple to understand…

  12. Hussain The Canadian Reply

    The two on the list that I agree with totally are "modern art" and "advanced math".

  13. Ulysses Brown Reply

    I can't believe after all the dating advice that is out there all the books and popular dating teachers out there that men and women still have a hard time understanding each other some times, that's  a shame.

  14. So was it necessarily ignorance, or predatory lenders and crooked professionals; who purposefully preyed on the poor and disenfranchised. Funny how it's so easy to blame the victim, unless it's a white women, then everyone is suppose to cry with her.

  15. LaikaLycanthrope Reply

    Computers. Even the computer scientists are, well, doing computer science to figure out just all what computers are capable of. If you brought back a modern game to the Apollo times, they'd be flabbergasted at the idea that computers could ever be able to do such things.

  16. I understand math. That's why I avoid everything about it excerpt basic useful part.

  17. Bishonen Princess Reply

    Literally every clip for the number one slot were just men not understanding women, instead of a mix of that and women not understanding men.

  18. Bishonen Princess Reply

    Yes, if you look at a Picasso and think "I could do that!" then you should feel very dumb.

  19. BrandonTyler Carter Reply

    Me in school: pretend I understand it.

    Irony is the only thing I learned in school

  20. See My YouTube channel that produces daily videos on topics surrounding mysterious, strange, scary, funny, interesting, educational, and mind-blowing facts.👍

  21. Ahaha, #9 Stock market #7 debt and #5 mortgages
    are ALL connected.
    That's the first thing to understand 😀

  22. Dominic Francis Baalraaj Reply

    We don't understand God, rocket science, how climate works, economic policies, etc. too.

  23. There's no mystery to modern art. Robert Ryman painted a canvas white and sold it for $15 million in 2014.
    What do I see when I look at a "white painting"? I see myself as an art critic. If the "artist" wiped his ass with the canvas, that would at least be making some statement!
    I got my taste of "modern art" at the LA County Fair five years ago. They had an exhibition of "modern art". One "piece" of "art" was a small shelf mounted on the wall. On this shelf was a stack of 6 rolls of toilet paper. Irony??
    Some of these art "critics" are so afraid of calling a "piece" a piece of 💩 because they are afraid some other moron might see some hidden, mystical meaning of some "piece".

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