Top 10 Things The Internet Needs To Stop Glorifying

Alright guys, seriously, just stop. For this list, we’ll be looking at the things we believe the internet seriously needs to stop putting on such a high pedestal. These are the things which the internet seemingly can’t stop talking about or fawning over despite the subject not deserving it. We aren’t saying that these things are bad or unenjoyable. We’re just saying that the internet may seem a little too obsessed with these given topics. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things the Internet Needs to Stop Glorifying.

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10. Unhealthy Eating Habits
9. Forced and/or Weird Shippings
8. React Videos
7. Jake Paul
6. Stupid Viral Challenges
5. Avocado
4. Popping Giant Pimples

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  1. What about hating/supporting Trump?!!? Never heard of influencers. I'll admit I watch reaction channels but only like one or two.

  2. You guys are part of glorifying Rotten Tomatoes lol

  3. How 'bout stop making internet meme?

  4. Dont forget Top 10 lists

  5. Thank you, mojo, for not showing the pimple clips…thank you….

  6. React videos are made by pathetic, insignificant individuals seeking attention and it is disgustingly obscene.

  7. What about emotionless top 10 videos that only exist for ad revenue

  8. I agree with all of these, except the Reaction videos, I like reaction videos, a game I've played like Alien: Isolation was an experience 🙂 and I like to see other people's reactions in specific moments too, because I don't have friends 🙁 so I just like to see other people feel my pain, laughter and joy during those.

  9. React videos now have react videos on the reacted videos…

  10. Its not just the internet glorifying these things though

  11. We must stop glorifying Naked anime pictures. (Including UwU, OwO, Loli, etc)

  12. I'm just going to say it everyone should stop going on about Fortnite battle royal

  13. Sponsorship SHOULD BE kept under a minute or a few seconds. Not 3 or 5 minutes for goodness sake!!!

    It should go like this: "Hi, I'm (Name) or Welcome to/back to (Channel name) Today's video is about (Theme). But before we start, I would like to give a shout out to today's Sponsor, (Sponsor name) and it's really cool. If you want to learn more about it, Go to their Website (Website name) and Check it out!…"

    SEE? Short and sweet. It makes people curious or interested. If they're curious about it and they can check it out if they want to. It doesn't bore anyone, It makes it quick and and they can skip over it if they want to. (Which most people would do. People want to see the video more than the Ad itself. Or better yet. Put the Sponsor in the Comment section or Description box Instead.

    Like some would say: "Short, But Sweet.."
    Hope this advice would help some folks out there. Just keep it in mind. This trick would help the Sponsors and keep your video interesting. 😉

  14. you gotta problem with mt DekuXUraraka ship

  15. Please add drinking water on health sites as it’s all fake

  16. Who decides what people "Need"? The need to judge people is one of those "Baked in the cake" human traits. Judeo-Christian concepts of "Original sin" are an attempt to explain these things? Most people have decent judgment, & won't get a machine gun and "Solve" whatever percieved problem. Avocados were something I first saw in the late 70s, when my Mom got into them. Now I live in a property with a lot of different avocado trees. Avocado is ok, but not something I obsess over. When I was a kid, I was "Against" vegetables. When I went away to college, I made sure to eat them in the Dining Commons, and not be tempted to load up on "Good stuff". Still, I went away with no good guidance, and managed to get in a little trouble anyway.

  17. You forgot the $10,000 challenge or the gift challenges where basically rich YouTuber’s challenge their equally rich family members to do stuff and get $10,000 or to guess what they want and buy it for them. How about challenging John Q Public to something equally as nice (not horrendous)

  18. Ok but everybody hates jake paul nobody glorifies him lol

  19. Are the Kardashians still relevant?

  20. You know what else we need to stop? Top tens lol

  21. Stop glorifying top 10 videos 🙅‍♂️

  22. Who the F is Jake Paul?

  23. The internet is not stupid people are

  24. Mojo is so stupid. You saying to stop glorifying react videos while you do them as well. Idiots.

  25. Hating disney Star wars should be on the honorble mention not got

  26. Hey everyone make a react video to this video

  27. Any person who glorifies anything on this list is very worthy of a Darwin Award…Reproduce at your own peril and the peril of those around you! In other words, DON'T!

  28. You forgot to include “adding ‘like and subscribe and turn on notifications’” to your list. It’s 2019, almost 2020. Anyone that uses YouTube knows about the like and subscribe options (and no one uses notifications for YouTube). Besides, your channel’s content should make people want to like and subscribe, not some annoying reminder in the middle of the video.

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