Top 10 Things Only '80s Kids Will Understand

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There are some things only 80s kids will understand. We’ll be going over some of the things and experiences that you probably have to have grown up during the 1980s to fully appreciate. The ‘80s were more than hair metal and Ronald Reagan! MsMojo ranks the things only 80s kids will understand. Are you an 80s kid? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Were you born in the '80s? Let us know what things in our video you related to the most!

  2. I miss pom pom, lace anklet socks, jellies and those little combs in my feathered do😎 born in 73 I went through puberty in the 80's

  3. I miss Addis, Puma, and La Gear sneakers, jogging suits, gold chains!!

  4. Or kids born in the late 80s who had older siblings and watched every episode of VH1's I Love the 80s at least 10 times. And all these things were still popular in the 90s, some in the 2000s. I was still getting tapes at video stores in the early 2000s.

  5. I was a 90s kid and I can relate to these stuffs

  6. This video reminds me of all the stuff my parents couldn't afford to buy or just wouldn't buy. 😭

  7. Mojo- We loved neon clothing
    Proceeds to show absolutely no neon clothing!

  8. Ah, yes. The suffocating cloud built up while using an entire can of hairspray to get your hair bigger than Texas. Ozone? Environment? Nobody cared! 😂

  9. I use to read the babysitter club books , seen the movie.

  10. I grew up in the 90s, but back then, I still remember obsessed with reading Baby-sitters Club books like my classmates, and going to Blockbusters every weekend to rent the Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again. (I remember my mother was concern that that movie was too scary for me, but I thought it was the greatest)

  11. The music videos that were freakin stories, not just 4 to 6 people standing on a stage with swirling color gels on the lights and white lights shifting between the "band" and into the camera lens so sort of your eyes to blind you.

    I liked the videos that had stories to tell.

    Mindsets of the band, at the moment or remembered phases in their or someone close the them – their perspective.

    Once it was
    Nothing but flashing lights on maybe a thigh high stage, that and "Reality Crap TV"

    The storied music videos made me pause and LISTEN to the WHOLE song, pat attention to the lyrics and not an artist's name

    The soap box flashing light videos, which I could be trapped into seeing when I'M THE ONE TRAPPED AT THE CAR DEALERSHIP FOR THE 6 HRS IT TOOK THEM TO BUY THE DAMNED CAR.

    As a 10 year veteran of The Latch Key Kid version of childhood, meaning I walked the 8 to 12 blocks from school to home no problem. Pulled out a key, went in, I've got 3 dogs and about 2 cats.

    Make my own sandwich, do my homework and then either read for my own enjoyment or watch tv, and with no one home, I wouldn't be asked to keep turning the clicking dial on cable to pick a channel.

    If you balance the dial in between two channels, it somehow made cable channels you'd have to get a subscription free.

    It's a definite lesson from childhood that men dominated movie making and selection, otherwise WHY would sports channels bled one sport into another, so that.when one was supposed to END and you could watch the movie scheduled for that time, if it wasn't "over time" it would be with the next game or a different sport to be on…..forever.

    If it wasn't sports blaring thru that Channel you might have LISTENED to for like a radio TV version of Dracula, Frankenstein or Abbott and Costello meat them, no those blurred channels weren't sports or a movie. Or it was, but the grunting and groaning meant port. Skin-a-Max and
    Those like it were given the name for a reason.

    Men watch sport or porn, and reading where you were in the room before the tv was turned on, reading in that room meant you had to either LEAVE or enjoy the porn too.

    Tiresome. At least horror and murder mysteries were a better choice – until the game getting higher priority.


    Hence how my book collection grew to 5,000 over the years. The library wasn't always easy to get to, but they wanted the books back, and I didn't typically want to give them back

  12. Saturday Morning cartoons!!!!!! Please bring them back.

  13. You can tell someone's age by what MTV they know 😂. I remember the original MTV. Who remembers the head bangerz ball and yo MTV raps 😂😂

  14. Spending hours in FAO Swartz playing with life-size toys, Funco Land playing videogames, and the Virgin Mega store listening to music with my brothers…picking out random scary movies at the local video store with my sister. You can keep your technology/internet childhood, I'm glad I grew up in the 80's!

  15. Definitely In the 90s too. I was born in 88 and grew up in the 90s

  16. I loved Service Merchandise, Jams, and when KMart had $5 Malibu Barbie's!

  17. Does anyone remember the Lolliwinks?

  18. Most of this is more relevant to the 90s than the 80s it’s kind of a mixture.

  19. I love mixed tapes and I'm probably one of the only people in the world to have done this. I used to make my mixed tapes by recording songs directly off the radio

  20. Scrunchies were more of a nineties thing, at least where I lived.

  21. Born in 77, completely related to all of these. What I miss most though…. Kids growing up with freedom and independence. Despite violent crime dropping, our hyper-awareness of it in the information age caused us 80's kids to do our own children a disservice. Instead of sending them outside to play on their own, everything is supervised and arranged by parents. We think we are keeping them safer, but they are loosing so much in independence, interpersonal relations, confidence. That's what I miss most. "Go out and play, be home by dinner"

  22. Loved the baby sisters club. I grew up at 90s. Nice video love

  23. Born in 87 grew up in the 90s

  24. I was born in 1988 and my sister asked me how the 80s were xD

  25. Anyone who was alive in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and to the present knows and recognizes all of these. None of us were completely absent from the world during the eighties. This is silly.

  26. I miss being able to eat anything and everything without any problem.

  27. I wore scrunch socks all the time (and they matched my outfit), I miss those!

  28. So that's where they got the "Just Say No" in that Punky Brewster episode…

  29. Forgot Jem the toy that became a showcase to promote their doll in a awesome cartoon

  30. I was born in 75 in Scotland. Most kids I knew couldn't afford computer games unless they got them secondhand – in fact I don't think anyone I knew had a computer, if they had games they played them on the TV – , but we did get a lot of US tv and films so I knew some of these programmes. There was a lot of great music in Britain in the 80s (and only four tv channels) and kids still played outside, walked to school unaccompanied and had a lot of freedom. Everyone watched the same TV programmes, like Fame, Dalllas, the English soap Coronation Street, and the Scottish detective show Taggart. There was not a lot of money about and lots of industrial unrest and strikes. I used to love playing with Sindy dolls (a bit like Barbie), toy cars and Lego. I remember The Outsiders and other brat pack films being very popular in the late eighties/early nineties. We also had the 'Just Say No' campaign, as well as terrifyingly good public information films which were often quite entertaining!

  31. Punky <3 <3 <3 I remember having Punky shoes and rewatching the same three episodes we had taped. My sister and I just had a bit of a nostalgia evening watching them again 😀

    Also, BSC is getting a Netflix series? I don't care that I'm in my mid-30s I'm absolutely checking it out, lol.

  32. 8:34 Was that Lori Loughlin?

  33. I grew up in the 80's & miss a lot of the music : INXS, and the movie soundtracks

  34. I guess i would say i'm an honorary 80's kid since i was born in 1989, but i caught on to the 80's fads thanks to my older sisters. still a 90's kid though 😉

  35. Saturday morning cartoons! great list, related to everything.

  36. Transformers! Hahahah.

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