Top 10 Things in TV Shows That Make No Sense

We can’t believe these insane things TV shows just glossed over. We’ll be looking at plot hole and inconsistencies in shows that went unnoticed or uncommented on by the characters. Sometimes plot holes are so big no one even notices them. WatchMojo ranks the insane things TV shows just glossed over. Are there any plot holes we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Michael Scott does not get fired because he's the best boss also because David Wallace is a great guy.

  2. The Michael Scott one is the most realistic. I get it you work for the government or a progressive work environment but, if you don't and feel otherwise… You most likely haven't worked or were born with the advantage not to deal with it. This is very common. As a "social minority" one has to pick what we go up against when speaking up for Rights/justice/… it's very political in other words. I do, however feel that we are slowly socially moving towards more righteous work environment in workplaces.

  3. Haha, the Caitlyn Heroes thing was during the writer strike, so it was basically "meh move on"

  4. "You see Toby's in H.R. so that technically means he works for corporate so he isn't really a part of our family. Also he's divorced so he isn't a part of HIS family." Michael Scott

  5. Barb Wasn’t Glossed Over She became a Major Plot Point in Season 2 and her disappearance was covered pretty well in Season 1 especially considering Season 1 was intent on finding Will Byers

  6. Rick survived because there was a nurse who took care of him and she died shortly before he woke up, this was explained years ago and you still put it in your shitty videos

  7. the fact that 'super sentai' STILL needs to be localized to 'power rangers'. come on! it's 2019
    people don't feel crazy alienated by foreign things anymore

  8. I’m sure they cut out traveling for time it gets boring in the books

  9. A few problems here

    Agents being geniuses isn't a plot hole. The Intelligence community actively looks for highly intelligent people it's practically a job requirement. Also a number of Special Forces Units require a high IQ, Usually Multilingual, and of course being Special Forces they have extensive training in Basically anything relating to Combat. Alias isn't too far out of reality. Admittedly I never watched the show I'm going by what is listed here as a Plot Hole

    Michael Scott likely doesn't get fired because he's the Boss and if he is good at sales as you said then the Top Brass will keep him around despite his behavior. This gets amplified if there aren't any complaints filed against him or the general public isn't aware of his ways. They're have been numerous cases of CEOS and Management who have done far worse yet still have a job simply because they make the company money which is the bottom line. Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Charlie Rose, Bill O'Reilly, Kevin Spacey, Clinton, Trump, Pat Patterson, I could go on and on here companies only care about their profits and will only fire someone if their risks outweigh rewards.

    Zombies are actually possible it's really just a virus numerous reputable Doctors and Public Health Officials have said Zombies are actually possible and in fact they do exist just not in human form but some parasitic worms turn insects into zombies controlling their brain making them mainly just look for food constantly.

    Honestly probably more but feel I've rambled enough

    Edit – Rick Survived because Shane barricaded the hospital room there is maybe a issue with food and water with him but him not being attacked is covered.

    As someone already pointed out there was some things in season 2 of stranger things about Barb

  10. What if Rick is immune to zombies?

  11. They staged Barb's death as her running away.

  12. That 70's show
    Donna's sister is in one episode
    and then is gone forever

  13. Come on, no one really gives a shit about Barb!


  15. josh rador was like 29 and bob saget was in his 50s, so they were not close in age and their voices wouldn't sound the same

  16. Don't need to make travel time faster, just say some time later or "fast forwarding memory to a more recent one." In Skyrim time has passed when you get to your city using fast travel

    So Ted aged too fast? A lot of Star Wars fanks think Han Solo aged too fast in ten years, but they say nothing about how fast Mon Mothma aged in only four years

    Ah, Caitlin has two possibly outcomes. Like Back to the Future 2, she has no memory of the alternate time line. Other outcome, she's just stuck there forever 🤣

    I just love Jen Garner. I love Alias, it needs a blu ray for the show only saved ABC. In 2001, the network was worried nobody was watching. Alias started in 2001. With all the revivals, Alias could use one or a motion picture

  17. Do some fucking research nitwits. Rick survived from a nurse that stayed behind to take care of patients. It all explained in shorts that were released by Amc.

  18. this list was forcing so many things. The Michael Scott one was specially wrong. A lot of bosses get away with this shit

  19. Tv shows: makes literally no sense

    Life in general: Welcome to physics

  20. 10 isn't a plot hole. They just don't show how long it takes

  21. You're awesome Phoebe 😎👉👉

  22. but i cant imagine HIMYM without bob saget narrating it

  23. TWD: Judith went from a baby to a full grown child between two episodes. Fine…..time has passed. But then can we acknowledge that this means Negan has been locked up in that basement for over half a decade??

  24. Plot holes that make no sense: — EVERY WEEK ON RAW AND SMACKDOWN!!

  25. It may be too new to be here, but the new Netflix show Living With Yourself could definitely hold a spot on this list. I mean think about it, people unknowingly getting cloned never noticed things like their old scars, injuries, tattoos, or even dental work just up and vanished? Not very plausible IMO, at least I would notice that kind of stuff right away.

  26. To be fair Heroes sucked after the first season so I doubt there was anyone there to care.

  27. TV shows dose make no sense 1. Melissa and Joey 2. Game of thrones 3.the walking dead 4. Empire 5.super girl

  28. You’ve obviously never worked in an office.

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